Gun Safe Alternatives: The Best Ways to Store Firearms

Dec 22nd 2022

Gun Safe Alternatives: The Best Ways to Store Firearms

Gun safes have been the industry standard in firearms storage for years. They are cheap and easy to use, and you can buy them at Walmart. So, why go against the grain and use something else? There are a few legitimate reasons why a safe isn’t the best for gun storage for your home. For one, there are a lot of cheap safes out there. These safes might look like a safe place to store guns, but there are a lot of reasons this isn't the case.

Unless you plan to invest in a fireproof safe, a cheap sheet metal safe doesn’t offer you any security advantage over a properly-installed gun wall. Unlike cheap sheet metal safes, fireproof safes are neither cheap nor easy to install; most gun owners don’t need that kind of hassle.

Hold Up Display’s mounting solutions are affordable, look great, and couldn’t be easier to mount. Gun walls and racks provide quick access to your firearms when you need them the most. They are the gun storage solution you will proudly display.

What’s Wrong With a Safe?

Safes aren’t necessarily terrible, but there are some things to consider when looking at them.

Heat Tolerance

A common misconception is that all safes offer some amount of heat tolerance. This is not true: they only afford fire protection if designed to do so. Safes with a high fire rating come at a hefty premium. Not only are they expensive, but they are also cumbersome. Like, half a ton heavy. Even then, there are varying degrees of heat tolerance. You could spend a couple of grand on a safe only to find that your house fire was hotter or lasted longer than it could handle. Oops.


Second, you must check your floor joist capacity to ensure it is structurally capable of handling that much weight. Otherwise, it needs to be on a slab or in a basement. Unless you have a walkout basement, it could be next to impossible to get it in there, and getting it back out could be worse. Plus, the limit of where you store your safe will limit when you can access your guns. Easy access to your guns is important for home defense and something a lot of gun owners value.


The run-of-the-mill Walmart safes are about as secure as a high school wall locker. Standard fare is a cheap key lock that might stop a Harbor Freight screwdriver from picking it.

Gun Cabinets

We like gun cabinets. They are made of wood, look great, are a classy and classic way to store your guns, and are a great conversation piece.

Of course, these are significant breaches of security. Since they are a china cabinet, they aren’t keeping anyone out. Whether criminals or little, curious hands, they hold almost no elements of safety and aren't effective solutions to protect your family members.

And, they will go up like kindling in a fire. At least the cheap safe itself isn’t flammable.

Gun Walls

We talk about gun walls a lot. Why?

Because they’re fantastic, you’ve got a bunch of long guns, a mix of handguns, and a whole bunch of mags and gear? We got you covered.

Our gun walls are fully modular designs, so you can make them anything you want to. For example, if you are heavy on long guns, you can design them from the ground up to hold long guns and mags. Shoot, you can even rack your optics on it!

You can design a wall from the ground up and add any accessory you want, or you can start with one of our predesigned gun walls right out of the gate.

Since we make our slat walls completely modular, you can always start with a predesigned gun wall and add-on panels to accommodate more gear. You can add panels on the top or bottom of the gun wall and butt them end-to-end to grow your gun wall horizontally. You can transform an entire wall into one monster gun wall. I mean…why wouldn’t you?

Gun Racks

Gun racks are an older design, having been used for decades (probably centuries). We have upped the ante with our gun racks to suit your needs perfectly.

Metal Gun Racks

Whether you want a stand-alone gun rack or part of a modular gun wall, vertical or horizontal mount, we’ve got you covered.

One of our best-selling racks is our vertical 6 gun rack. What makes it so popular? We’re glad you asked. It is one of the best ways to store a six-pack of rifles or shotguns in a compact area. You can butt this rack against the corner of any wall, making your guns easily accessible. We understand security concerns from intruders and little, curious hands, which is why we offer a bunch of locking solutions for the vertical 6 gun rack.

The vertical 6 gun rack is available with a flat wall mount to bolt directly to the wall or a slat wall mount to add to your gun wall. Of course, there are no rules about doing one (or two) of each.

Our firearms & fishing rod track bundle is a simpler but modular mounting system. It accommodates five long guns or fishing rods horizontally, but you can always stack them on top of each other to accommodate more guns.

Wooden Gun Racks

Some people still prefer the classic wood look, and we respect that. Therefore, we present our hardwood horizontal firearm/fishing rod pack. This gun rack looks great, is easy to mount, and won’t break the bank to hang four of your favorite long guns on a wall. Like our metal horizontal gun racks, you can always add more of these to your wall for additional storage.

We should mention that all of our wooden products are built by our local Amish community.

Gun Rooms

You want a safe, you say? Well, we counter with an entire gun room. Look, gun safes are one of the least efficient uses of space to store your guns. They are not modular, they are not aesthetically appealing, and they are expensive.

If you have a spare room, even a closet, you can deck out an entire room for gun storage. From a hunting room to a man cave to a full gun vault, opportunities are endless. Bonus points for a gun room in your basement made out of the concrete block. Hey, we all have our life goals.

A dedicated gun room offers storage that no safe can ever dream of and can be easily made far more secure than a safe (or series of safes) by a good vault door and lock selection. Also, it is much easier to control moisture and humidity in a room than in a safe. A simple and cheap dehumidifier from Home Depot is all you need to keep rust-causing moisture at bay.

Locking Mechanisms that Promote Gun Safety

If keeping your guns out of the wrong hands is an important part of your storage needs, we offer some innovative locking gun racks including our Long Gun Locking Mount and our Pistol Trigger Lock Display. These pieces are effective tools to incorporate into your gun wall package or to purchase on their own. We even offer steel cable locks that can be integrated throughout a slatwall display to lock your guns in place.

Investing in Efficient Firearm Storage

We concede that there is a time and place for a gun safe. A fire-resistant safe is a good bet if you own a prized collection of expensive and rare guns. However, the average Big Box store gun safe is no more secure than our gun wall systems, nor does it offer convenience or aesthetic appeal. And if you need to store a lot of guns, safes get crowded quickly with no chance of adding on other than upgrading the safe size or buying multiple safes. Hold Up Displays are your best option to store a bunch of guns, whether long guns or handguns, in limited space while looking great and functioning perfectly.

Give us a call today, and we’ll get you started with the perfect gun wall or run rack system for your needs.