How to Build a Gun Vault Room

Nov 3rd 2022

How to Build a Gun Vault Room

Your gun collection is a big deal. It costs a lot to build, and you have invested a lot of time and effort into building it. You’ve made some sacrifices to keep on building your collection, to go with that top-tier rifle instead of a budget buy. Since you have put so much into it, you must protect it!

One of the best ways to protect these tools is by converting an entire room into a vault room or constructing a vault room. There's a lot to consider before diving into a vault project, but with the right firearm storage solutions, a safe and secure gun room is easier than you might think.

Why Build a Vault Room?

So, why build a vault room? A vault room is your own private arsenal storage. For one, a dedicated and somewhat hidden room keeps your guns out of sight and out of mind from the general populace. It is a secure place where all your firearms and accessories (ammunition, tools, workbench, optics, etc) are centrally located for controlled and easy access.

We understand that this isn’t an option for every gun owner, and most gun owners won’t own enough inventory to make it worthwhile to build one, but if you do have high-value guns or a large collection, investing in a safe and efficient storage system is a must.

If your house has the space for a walk-in gun vault, then building a one-off construction made from fire-resistant materials is a great choice. Common building materials for vaults are concrete walls. Concrete blocks are still cheap and, when tied into a slab foundation, are dang near indestructible. You've got a Fort Knox level of security by mounting a steel door to a concrete block room. Plus, it offers fire protection and can even act as a panic room or safe room in emergency situations.

Advantages of a Vault Room

A vault room gives you the security you need for your arsenal. It is your own personal, secure armory. You can tailor it to your specific needs and build it out as elaborate as you want, using it as a man cave or workshop or keeping it as a spartan room with the sole purpose of securing your weapons.

There are social advantages. Let’s face it: while we get a thrill and understand the intrinsic value of owning a bunch of guns. But not all of ‘polite society’ shares our views on the matter. Assuming that we don’t all work in the firearms industry or in industries that support 2A views and have people who may influence our career trajectory, a secure vault door keeps our firearm collections safely tucked away from scrutiny.

Assuming you have any life at all outside of shooting, you probably take vacations. It’s reassuring knowing that your guns will be in an inaccessible room behind a secure door.

Finally, there is the family safety aspect. Your family is the reason why you have anything worth defending. A vault room assures you a place to positively store and inventory your guns and ammo while controlling access.

What Are The Mounting Options In A Vault Room?

Assuming your budget has some limitations, your vault room might be on the smaller end. We get that. That is exactly what we had in mind when we built gun storage solutions to optimize wall space (both vertically and horizontally), and floor space.

Our storage is broadly broken out between our modular gun walls, free-standing gun racks, and floor storage racks, although we also produce several options for hanging guns and bows and even shelf and surface mounting solutions.

We set out to offer modular products designed to work together, understanding that your square footage is valuable and limited.

Must-have products to build a gun vault of your dreams

Gun Walls Create the Ultimate Vault Room

Our gun wall systems are our sort of flagship product line. These fully modular systems are built to provide infinite storage on the vertical wall surface.

What do we mean by ‘infinite storage?’ Our unique slat wall design is made to be constantly added onto as far as you like. Each slat is grooved to fit another slat, and so on. The horizontal edges are easily butted against each other for an almost seamless appearance and seamless functionality.

We give you options with our gun walls for your vault room. If you are just getting started and don’t know where exactly to start, you might want to try out one of our pre-designed gun wall systems. We have analyzed our customer's needs over the years and put together packages that meet the demands of many owners.

Of course, no two gun owners are the same, especially when we are talking to owners who need a vault room for secure storage.

In this case, you can design your own gun wall system for your wall space. We have dozens of mounting options for our gun walls, long guns, handguns, magazines, and other accessories.

Unlike gun safes, a gun wall will provide quick access to your firearms while displaying the collection you've worked so hard on. We even feature a variety of locking mechanisms to create the most secure vault you've ever seen.

An Easy Addition to Any Vault: Gun Racks

A more traditional storage option for long guns is the gun rack system. Our gun racks come in horizontal or vertical mounting solutions and a few hanging designs.

Gun racks without wall slat mounting on gun walls are a convenient and cost-effective way to store a lot of long guns. No matter which of our gun racks you go with, you will have a simple, easy-to-use system that won’t break the bank.

You can mix and max our gun racks with single-gun vertical gun hangers to break up the mounting style or to maximize space.

Simple & Effective Gun Storage: Floor Racks

Floor storage is an under-appreciated asset in your vault room, and we have the means to use every bit of it.

One of our most popular options is our folding metal gun rack. This compact unit only weighs a few pounds. What it lacks in mass, it makes up for in durability and usefulness. You can slide it into a corner for storage, giving you an excellent spot for six long guns.

Our folding gun racks are as much at home at the range as they are in your vault room. They are the best portable storage solution to keep your rifles out of the dirt and off your shooting bench.

Build your Gun Vault with the Best Storage Solutions

Building a vault room is a big undertaking and investment if you are up to it. Once the room is complete, we’ve got everything you need to securely store your firearms. Whether it’s long guns, handguns, or even archery and fishing gear, Hold Up Displays is your American Made gun storage solution for your vault room! Contact us for more information on how our products can work within your gun vault plans.

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