Long Gun Wall Racks

Why Trust Hold Up Displays?

We are a small town company built on providing excellent products with excellent customer service. Our entire manufacturing process takes place in the USA, and our products are handcrafted by local experts. Our gun walls embody the quality and trust we extend to you.

Made in the USA

Our materials are sourced inside the States and crafted directly from small town Wisconsin.

Built to last

We provide the toughest and most durable slatwall on the market. We dare you to put it to the test.

Lifetime warranty

We promise the highest quality protection against damages to any of our products.

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Upgrade your gun room with our large selection of gun hangers and rack solutions. Our horizontal and vertical gun racks are built to hold even the heaviest of firearms. Trust your firearms with racks manufactured 100% in the USA! 


Mounting Long Guns

Long guns are a key part of any firearm collection. They are meaningful guns that offer amazing benefits in a variety of settings. When it comes to storing your passed-down hunting rifle, custom-built AR, or antique shotgun, stacking them in the corner of your closet or throwing them in a drawer is not going to cut it. Conventional methods might tell you a gun safe is the best option, but at Hold Up Displays, we would say otherwise, and for a few good reasons.

Mounting a long gun, on a flat wall or slatwall display, is the best way to store your firearm. High-quality long gun racks can support and protect guns, provide easy access to your weapon, and create an appealing display for the collection you’ve worked so hard for. Whether you're looking to build a customized gun room, mount a few rifles in your office, or hang a single gun in your closet, our long gun solutions are the best on the market and can fit the needs of any gun owner.

A Variety of Display Options

Hold Up Displays manufacturers a variety of long gun racks, hangers, and displays to securely mount any number of guns.

Rack up to six long guns on the HD53 Vertical Rack or three guns on the HD80 Multi-Angled Gun Display. If horizontal configurations better fit your space, our HDTK549 Track Bundle is one of our most popular horizontal systems that can even accommodate fishing poles. If you're looking to display a single long gun or maybe customize a wall display with multiple individual gun holders, we feature a wide range of high-quality hangers to safely mount your favorite long gun.

If security is your biggest priority, we manufacture locking racks including our HD711 and HD71 locking displays to help secure your gun. We also feature cable locks to incorporate into a long gun display system.

Handpicked for you

The Best Gun Storage Solutions

We're pretty big fans of gun rooms and gun vaults at Hold Up Displays. They bring a lot of amazing benefits to gun owners. And the best part is, you don't have to sacrifice an entire room for your firearm display system (although we all wish we could). Using our long gun racks to simply optimize space in your closet gets the job done and even allows you to add on storage as your collection grows.

Keeping your long guns and gear organized, in one place, and securely displayed is a game changer for home gun storage. We offer many different paths to follow for your firearm display system. Our multi-gun racks are great options for your long guns and can be mounted right into your wall studs.

Customizing Long Gun Storage

For a truly customized, all-encompassing display system, we advise you to look into our pre-designed gun walls and gun wall builder. These modular systems optimize storage for every piece of tactical gear and equipment you own.

The possibilities for a long gun wall are endless, but to name a few, our HD101-BW Four Rifle Wall is a classic hardwood display system that can mount your favorite rifles, perfect for your hunting cabin or man cave. For a more modern look, our HD91 Rifle Rack Slatwall Display is another modular system that holds up to 12 long guns in a vertical configuration. We even offer its elevated counterpart the HD108 which holds up to 24, yes 24, rifles.

No matter what guns, gear, or space you are working with, customizing a display system is one of the best decisions you can make.

High-Quality Materials

As we mentioned before, your long guns are valuable and should be treated as such. Using high-quality products to mount your firearms is a must for the preservation and longevity of your weapon.

Made in the United States, our gun racks are built with the strongest steel to support your heaviest AR. Our racks feature durable protective padding to cradle and protect the finish of every gun. Lastly, we provide a powder-coating finish to ensure your racks will last a lifetime.



Can your racks be attached to a concrete wall?

Yes, but we supply attachment hardware for normal wood stud wall applications. So you will need to purchase your own hardware to attach to a concrete wall. It also takes some skill to line up the holes that you drill into the aluminum rails with the holes that you pre-drill into the concrete; especially if you are covering a large area. In a lot of situations, it’s easier to stud the concrete wall so you can attach the rails to the studs.

What are your gun racks made of?

Our racks are made from steel that is powder coated for durability and tubed with a soft and durable composite material to keep your firearm from getting scratched or marred. Our products are manufactured in the USA and are backed with a structural lifetime warranty.

Will any of our gun racks mar or affect the finish on your guns?

The tubing on our racks and stands is designed to be non-marring for any surface on your guns.

Do you have options for locking up my firearms?

Yes, we feature gun locks including individual and multi-gun cable locks to secure your firearms. These are great for safety in home storage or for retail and gun show displays.

Can I use your products in my home or are they meant for gun shops?

Our gun walls and racks are used for all types of gun storage needs. Gun owners have used our displays and stands in personal vault rooms, gun shops, military and police facilities, gun show booths, and more.

An Industry Leader in Firearm Storage

No matter what type of firearm, from long guns to handguns, Hold Up Displays is committed to providing industrial-grade storage solutions to every gun owner.

Our entire process is done in-house to build products that last a lifetime, in fact, a lifetime warranty, is provided on each purchase. If you're not sure what solution best fits your collection, our customer service team is happy to help. Contact us today!


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Great product. It was simple to install, just follow the steps. Looks great, and you cannot beat the price! You will not be disappointed.

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I purchased the wall package with some extras. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Easy to install and top quality product! In fact I just ordered more to make my wall bigger!

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"Outstanding Quality"

Shipped quickly. Went together easily. Is a well engineered, high quality product that perfectly complimented the space I had and looks great.

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