Rifle Rack Slatwall Display Package – Black - HD91

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Can the Rifle Rack Slatwall Display Package (HD91) be attached to a concrete wall?

Yes, but we supply attachment hardware for normal wood stud wall applications.  So you will need to purchase your own hardware to attach to a concrete wall.  It also takes some skill to line up the holes that you drill into the aluminum rails with the holes that you pre-drill into the concrete; especially if you are covering a large area.  In a lot of situations, it’s easier to stud the concrete wall so you can attach the rails to the studs.

Are there holes pre-drilled into the rails for the screws?

We do not pre-drill holes into the rails.  You will need to drill holes into the rails wherever it matches up properly with your wall studs.

Are any substitutions allowed for this rifle rack package?  I would like to swap some pieces in and others out.

There aren’t any substitutions allowed for our “bundles”.  However, each bundle is made up of our individual parts.  So you can order everything “a la carte” and get exactly what you want using our gun wall builder (click link).  If you would like help with this process please give us a call at  866-443-6623

Does this come in a shorter length than 48”?

We can cut the individual rails to your dimensions.  We charge $5 per cut.  You will need to call in to order this directly as we don’t offer that service through website orders.  Also, we cut the rails when they are “raw” and then powder coat afterwards, so there will not be an exposed edge.  Keep in mind that if you shorten the rails by too much, you may not have enough room for all of the fixtures that come with the HD91.


For an effective firearm storage solution, Hold Up Displays presents the HD91 Rifle Rack Slatwall Display package. This gun display system includes two slatwall panels and three racks that hold up to 12 long guns vertically in an efficient half hexagon shape, allowing each firearm to be easily seen and accessed. 

Constructed of solid steel, a durable black powder-coat finish, and protective soft rubber tubing, this gun wall display rack is built to protect your firearms.

The HD91 serves as a great gun store rifle display or modern firearm storage system for showcasing your private collection in your home gun room. For added security, we offer a Multi-Gun Cable Lock that runs through the trigger guard of each gun on your rack.

Want to expand your gun wall? Our gun storage options have the ability to scale alongside your growing collection. This modular gun rack system allows you to build horizontally with slatwall connector pieces and vertically by stacking wall panels.

  • Our tactical walls and gun racks are proudly made in the USA by gun owners for gun owners
  • All gun wall racks are backed with our lifetime warranty
  • Weight limit = 50 pounds per stud with a minimum of 3 studs (150-pound maximum)
  • Padded barrel holder hooks to avoid scratches or damage







Installation Instructions:

All Stock Numbers


  • Width:
    51.00 Inches
  • Height:
    10.00 Inches
  • Depth:
    7.00 Inches