Vertical 6 Gun Rack - HD53

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Why does the bottom part of this vertical gun rack stick out from the wall so far?

The bottom of our Vertical 6 Gun Rack extends from the wall as far as it does so that there is room for any “optics” that may be mounted to the gun to not bump into the wall.  We do make a lower profile version of the rack, but it doesn’t have a brace on the bottom of the rack, so the weight rating is reduced.  You would need to call us to order the lower profile version.

Do you make a different size of this vertical rack?

We do have the HD81 and HD80, for one or three guns respectively. These vertical gun racks have a different design, and the HD53 Vertical 6 Gun Rack is the largest that we have. 

How far apart are the wall mounts for the flat wall version of the HD53?

The mounts are spaced apart 16” on center to accommodate standard wall stud spacing.

How much weight can the HD53 hold?

As long as the HD53 is mounted per our recommendations via slat wall or flat wall mounts, it is rated to hold 100 pounds of firearms.  

Do you have any gun locks that are made to work with the HD53?

The HD95 product is designed to be used with the HD53.  Additionally, if you type “lock” into the search bar on our website, you can view all of the gun lock options that we have.

Will the HD53 work in a safe?

We supply hardware for the flat wall version of the HD53 for normal wood stud wall application.  Most safes do not have any sort of interior wall that would be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the rack and guns that are in the rack.  And if there is an interior wall that is sturdy enough, it is likely made out of steel.  So you would need to purchase your own mounting hardware in order to use the HD53 in a safe.

Crafted in American-sourced steel, the HD53 is a modern gun rack that holds up to 6 long guns or compound bows. With sturdy construction, durable black powder coating, and a low-profile display, this rifle rack puts your long guns at the center of attention.

To ensure safe firearm storage, all metal contact points are coated with soft protective padding. Experience peace of mind knowing your valuable gun collection won’t get scratched or damaged.

Designed by gun owners and shooting sports enthusiasts, the HD53 display rack provides the most functional and efficient level of rifle storage for home gun rooms, closets, stores, and ranges.

  • Locking options available here
  • Available in Slatwall and Flatwall mounting options.
  • Low profile options available. Please call 866.443.6623 for more details. 
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed with a structural lifetime warranty
  • Weight limit: 100 pounds

Slatwall Mounting Option

  • Use only reinforced 3 in. Slatwall
  • Works with most standard 3 in. Slatwall

Flatwall Mounting Option

  • Mount directly to studs
  • Mounting hardware included





For Flatwall Installation Instructions Click Here




  • Width:
    5.00 Inches
  • Height:
    25.50 Inches
  • Depth:
    4.00 Inches
  • NOTE:
    Please see description for more details about mounting options

American-Made Gun Racks

Designed and manufactured in the USA, our 6 Gun Rifle Rack optimizes wall storage space and keeps your rifles from piling up in your closet.

With high-quality, American-sourced steel, our rack offers sturdy and reliable support for your heaviest rifles. To top everything off, the protective padding softly cradles each weapon and avoids any risk of scratching or damage.


Optimizing Rifle Storage

When it comes to rifle storage, you have a lot of options to choose from. Many of us end up with our rifles stacked in the corner of our closets, and this is not only unsafe but also unorganized and inconvenient. Gun safes are a common go-to for gun owners who want that added level of security, but with just an expensive safe, you’re missing out on the accessibility and display a quality rifle rack offers.

The HD53 can be paired alongside a gun safe or stand on its own to optimize storage and protect your guns. Our rifle rack can offer an appealing display in your closet, bedroom, gun room, hunting cabin, gun shop, or wherever you need it. Throw in a Multi-Gun Cable Lock and you’ve got the safe and secure setup you’ve only dreamed about.

Modular Gun Storage

We all know one rifle more is never enough, which is why Hold Up Displays designs and manufacturers modular storage solutions that grow alongside your guns. With this Vertical Rifle Rack, expanding your rifle and tactical collection is a no-brainer. Throw up an additional HD53 or go big with slatwall panels that incorporate the HD53 plus handguns and other pieces of gear.

Trusted Gun Racks & Displays

The best way to store up to six long guns and to continue to build upon your rifle collection, you can’t go wrong with the HD53. This rack is trusted by thousands of gun owners for its convenience, quality, and awesome display.