Floor Gun Racks

Why Trust Hold Up Displays?

We are a small town company built on providing excellent products with excellent customer service. Our entire manufacturing process takes place in the USA, and our products are handcrafted by local experts. Our gun walls embody the quality and trust we extend to you.

Made in the USA

Our materials are sourced inside the States and crafted directly from small town Wisconsin.

Built to last

We provide the toughest and most durable slatwall on the market. We dare you to put it to the test.

Lifetime warranty

We promise the highest quality protection against damages to any of our products.

Doing it right the first time has never been more achievable than now with Hold Up Display’s discount system. The more you spend, the more you’ll save on your current order. Keep track of what you need to hit the next tier by using this simple chart or by checking your save status bar in your cart.

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Whether you're a gun or archery shop looking for creative displays, or a gun owner looking for a more organized range day… We offer numerous free standing gun rack solutions.

Racks & Stands for A Variety of Applications

Hold Up Displays provides free-standing products to enhance storage for customers in every setting.

From retail display cases to your personal gun safe, organization and safe storage are key. High-quality racks, stands, and holders ensure a reliable solution for your valuable weapons. Whether you're organizing your gun cabinet, optimizing space on a tabletop, or displaying weapons at a trade show, you can rely on our quality materials, efficient configurations, and effective storage solutions.

Portability is a Game Changer

Our free-standing options, specifically our metal and hardwood folding racks are designed to transport and display your weapons. This makes it easy to pack up your favorite long guns to take to the range, on a trip, or outdoors. The functional design offers convenience while the safe materials cradle and protect your valuable gun, no matter the setting. These racks are also great to transport your guns to trade shows due to their simple construction and deconstruction and appealing display.

With easy assembly, sturdy support, and convenient storage, any and every gun owner can benefit from the portability our free-standing gun racks offer.

Handpicked For You

Simple & Effective Designs

Whether you're optimizing storage for one or multiple handguns, long guns, or bows, we've got you covered. With simple, yet effective configurations, our products offer easy access, organization, safe storage, and an appealing display of your firearm. From tabletop to floor to shelf and even, outdoors, our racks can help de-clutter a variety of spaces and ensure your weapons are staying in prime condition. 

Our products are designed by gun owners for gun owners. This means always reliable and highly-functional gun storage solutions. Invest in a rack that will make you proud to display your weapons, no matter where you might be.

High-Quality Materials

Quality materials are a must, regardless of what you're using to store your guns. From gun walls to mounted racks and floor stands, Hold Up Displays prioritizes quality engineering and craftsmanship. Our products start with American-sourced steel and are given a powder-coating finish for ultimate durability. We also offer a variety of hardwood options, developed with the help of local Amish craftsmanship. Our racks even feature protective padding that ensures no scratches or damage to your valuable guns.

With premium materials and American-made products, you can safely and securely arrange your setup.

Storing All Your Weapons

Organize your unique collection from rifles and shotguns to pistols, revolvers, and everything in between. Hold Up Displays provides storage solutions that accommodate your weapons plus more. Our accessories can even help store your gear essentials, from plate carriers to mags, on slatwall systems or a flat wall surface. Pair a couple of our free-standing racks for larger collections or add in some mounted racks that will optimize floor space.

We can even accommodate your archery equipment with high-quality solutions to safely and securely hang your crossbows at target practice or in a retail display. Our Range Bow Rack features removable wheels to contribute to the overall convenience and portability that we are proud to offer in our free-standing products.



What are your stands made of?

Our racks are made from steel that is powder coated for durability and tubed with a soft and durable composite material to keep your firearm from getting scratched or marred. Our products are manufactured in the USA and are backed with a structural lifetime warranty.

Will any of our gun racks mar or affect the finish on your guns?


Do you have options for locking up my firearms?


Can I use your products in my home or are they meant for gun shops?


What guns do your stands hold?


Your Go-To For Gun Storage Solutions

We are proud to offer American-made storage solutions that meet the need of every gun owner. Optimizing space, maintaining quick access, and displaying your guns are made easier with high-quality products.

From gun walls to racks to stands, our customer service team is here to help you find the customized fix for your collection. Contact us for more information!


"What Are You Waiting For?"

Great product. It was simple to install, just follow the steps. Looks great, and you cannot beat the price! You will not be disappointed.

Zachary A. United States


I purchased the wall package with some extras. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Easy to install and top quality product! In fact I just ordered more to make my wall bigger!

John R. United States

"Outstanding Quality"

Shipped quickly. Went together easily. Is a well engineered, high quality product that perfectly complimented the space I had and looks great.

Nate S. United States