Gun Walls

Why Trust Hold Up Displays?

We are a small town company built on providing excellent products with excellent customer service. Our entire manufacturing process takes place in the USA, and our products are handcrafted by local experts. Our gun walls embody the quality and trust we extend to you.

Made in the USA

Our materials are sourced inside the States and crafted directly from small town Wisconsin.

Built to last

We provide the toughest and most durable slatwall on the market. We dare you to put it to the test.

Lifetime warranty

We promise the highest quality protection against damages to any of our products.

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Hold Up Displays' slatwall is fully modular, so that your gun storage can grow as your firearm collection does. 

Custom gun storage solutions give you the ability to choose the color, size of your wall and custom firearm hangers that best fit your gun collection. 

These gun walls are every gun store and firearm owners dream. Easy to install, easy to use and Made in the USA for unmatched quality and assurance. 

Hold Up Displays Pre-Designed Gun Walls

Securely display and store your firearms with Hold Up Displays’ pre-designed gun wall options.

Hold Up Displays offers the highest quality gun walls with a variety of options and accessories for all your weapon storage and display needs. Our gun walls are fully modular so that your display can grow alongside your firearm collection. Additional wall pieces (panels) and racks can be added and re-arranged to accommodate all your firearms and accessories. Purchase a gun wall bundle or customize your firearm setup by choosing specific pieces including, long gun racks, handgun holders, storage products, accessories, and more.

Pre-designed vs. Custom Gun Walls

Pre-designed gun walls from Hold Up Displays are setups created to visualize how your wall of guns and specific pieces can be used on a specific slatwall. Our pre-designed sets are designed in-house to provide efficient and attractive use of your storage space. All you need to do is order the bundle of your choice and assemble it when it arrives.

Looking to customize your own setup? Our custom option lets you visualize your own space and add specific pieces. First, choose your back slatwall design, then choose your long gun racks, handgun holders, and/or archery racks. Lastly, finish your custom gun wall off with accessories to display other gear including magazines, ammunition, and more. Additionally, the flexible modular design of Hold Up Displays even allows you to order a gun wall bundle and later customize it with additional gun wall racks and accessories as your gun collection expands.

Handpicked For You

Innovative Designs


Our innovative designs help gun owners create the perfect weapon storage area that is not only accessible but allows you to enjoy your collection every day. Designed by gun owners for gun owners, our products meet the specific wants and needs of every firearm owner.

Our gun walls come in a variety of styles you won't find anywhere else, so instead of tucking ugly gun racks and grid panels away in the closet, you can create a gun wall display worthy of a museum. Everything about our gun walls is customizable, allowing for you to adjust and grow based on your collection. The slatwall design makes it easy to re-organize gun racks, hangers, and holders. Some of our display accessories also allow for you to swivel guns and adjust the angle, accommodating unique weapons or features like extra long barrels or scopes, while still ensuring they are safe and secure.

At Hold Up Displays, we are continually looking for new, innovative ways to store and display firearms. With passion and expertise, you can trust our innovative designs within your wall gun storage solutions.

Our Materials


Made in the USA, Hold Up Displays’ gun walls are held to the highest standard of quality and backed with a structural lifetime warranty. Our slatwall panels are made from heavy duty aluminum that can safely secure the weight of your weapons, unlike cheaper options like plastic which tends to sag or pressboard that will bust if too much weight is placed on it.

The gun wall racks, barrel holders, and hangers we offer are made to last with cold rolled steel that is fabricated in Wisconsin and tubed with a soft and durable composite material to keep rifles, pistols, and gear firmly in place and prevent them from being scratched.

Advantages of Modular Gun Walls

Flexible design, personalization and expansion are unique advantages of our displays. When your gun wall components arrive, you can place them in whatever pattern or layout suits your space or specific gear. Stack slatwall panels according to your specific wall size, and arrange your long gun racks, handgun holders, or archery racks in whatever pattern and orientation you wish. These flexible gun rack systems create a custom wall or gun room that accommodates your individual storage and display needs, reflects your personal style, and suits the physical parameters of your space. Our modular gun walls also emphasize the joy of finding pieces over time and adding to your growing collection. Add extra wall hooks, display shelves, or even slatwall panels as your rifle, archery, handgun, or gun gear collection grows. With the ability to expand the gun wall, you can accommodate your growing gun display and storage needs.



What does it mean that your gun walls are modular?

By modular gun walls, we mean that our gun walls were designed to allow flexibility when designing and rearranging your gun display. Our 2 foot and 4 foot slatwall panels come as individual rails that can be stacked vertically or joined end to end horizontally. This helps you create a gun wall that is precisely the size you need, with the ability to easily expand as your firearm collection grows. Our slatwall gun fixtures allow you to quickly rearrange the layout of your firearms.

What are your products made of?

Our racks are made from steel that is powder coated for durability and tubed with a soft and durable composite material to keep your firearm from getting scratched or marred. We consider our system the most durable and adaptable gun storage solution available. Our products are manufactured in the USA and are backed with a structural lifetime warranty.

Are your gun walls in stock? What is the turnaround time on orders?

All of our products are in stock and usually ship from our warehouse within 2 business days. We are continuously manufacturing our products at our warehouse in Ontario, WI which allows us to complete your order in a quick time frame. Another reason to love USA made products!

Do you ship internationally?

We ship to customers around the world on a daily basis. Our website is set to give precise international shipping prices when checking out. You can also give us a call or send an email and we will help create your international order.

Do you have options for locking up my firearms?

Yes, we have designed multiple locking options for our racks, including a few options that lock the firearm directly to our slatwall panels. Please type “lock” into the search bar on our website to see the various options that we offer.

Can your products be installed in a gun vault?

Yes! This is one of the best places to use our products. Our gun racks can be mounted to concrete walls. You will need to make sure you purchase concrete anchors, as our hardware is for traditional wood stud framing. Most customers frame and drywall the inside of their vault for a finished look and ease of display installation. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Can I use your products in my home or are they meant for gun shops?

Our gun walls and racks are used for all types of gun storage needs. Gun owners have used our displays in personal vault rooms, gun shops, military and police facilities, gun show booths, and more. If you need help designing your gun wall please give us a call! Our support team has helped thousands of gun owners design gun walls for gun closets and vault rooms. They understand the complexities of a vault room and are knowledgeable about providing a solution that will work for you.

Do your gun racks accommodate guns with scopes?

Yes, our racks and hooks accommodate guns with scopes. Our products are designed by gun owners who understand the varying complexities and needs of gun displays and storage.

I previously purchased your products to attach directly to the wall (flat wall mount). I now want to install your strongwall rails. Can my existing products be converted to work on the strongwall rails?

Most of our fixtures can be converted from “flat wall” to “slat wall” mounting (or vice versa) by changing out the mounting plates so you would not need to purchase an entire new rack. Please call to discuss your specific products.

Do you offer solutions for handgun storage or only for rifles?

We offer gun racks and display hooks for far more than rifle and long gun storage. We also manufacture durable and functional pistol holders for home displays, gun safe storage, and gun shop and gun show displays. Organize one or many handguns with our wall, counter and multi surface gun racks. We also offer archery racks and accessory racks for holding all of your firearm and archery gear.

Contact Hold Up Displays for your Gun Wall Storage

Just a phone call or email away, our unique customer service team is here to help you create the best gun storage and display system to fit your needs. With direct involvement in design and production, our firearm enthusiasts are here to answer any of your questions. Our entire process is done in-house to build products that last a lifetime, in fact, a lifetime warranty, is provided on each purchase. Contact our dedicated team today to learn more!


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Great product. It was simple to install, just follow the steps. Looks great, and you cannot beat the price! You will not be disappointed.

Zachary A. United States


I purchased the wall package with some extras. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Easy to install and top quality product! In fact I just ordered more to make my wall bigger!

John R. United States

"Outstanding Quality"

Shipped quickly. Went together easily. Is a well engineered, high quality product that perfectly complimented the space I had and looks great.

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