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Gun Wall 48" x 36"

Stock #: HDSW24X6

Price: $215.99

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This wall is made of 6 individual strongwall rails. Each rail is 48" x 6". The six rails stacked gives you the finished wall measuring 48" x  36". Made of heavy duty aluminum, these panels create a sturdy and tactical gun wall. Add slatwall gun hangers to this package to create your modular gun wall (slatwall gun hangers listed below).

x  6

If you wish to build a bigger gun wall, simply buy more of our HDSW24 or another HDSW24X6. The additional panels can be connected vertically or attached to the side of the other panels, creating a 96" long panel (ask for connector pieces if connecting side by side).

Popular hangers for this wall (buy slatwall versions):

HD09 Pistol Hanger: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/wall-mount-pistol-holder 

HD52 Pistol Hanger: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/in-barrel-wall-mount-pistol-hanger

HD04 Rifle Hanger: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/horizontal-gun-hanger-and-bow-holder

HD53 Rifle Rack: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/gun-rack-and-bow-holder-complete-unit

HD80 Rifle Rack: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/angled-vertical-3-long-gun-rack

HD75 Heavy Duty Ammo Shelf: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/heavy-duty-display-shelf

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