Strong Wall - Aluminum Slatwall Rail - 4 Foot Section

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The 4 foot rails are made of extruded aluminum, which offers the highest strength slatwall available on the market today! Sold in 4-foot lengths & available in a durable black vein, silver vein or copper vein powder coat finish. Stack them vertically to make a wall, connect them horizontally to make a long strip, or space them out to make an ultimate gun room like the image below.

*A joiner piece is included, which allows you to connect as many 4 foot slatwall rails as you would like, creating 8ft, 12ft, 16ft, etc., section of rail.

  • HDSW2 Rail: This rail is designed for 4-inch or 6-inch slatwall fixtures. The HDSW2 is also complete with tongue-and-groove tabs and can be inverted to stack seamlessly with the HDSW1 rail... resulting in a slatwall sheet effect.

Slatwall Hangers and Rack used in this Gun Room photo

HD04 Rifle Hanger:

HD53 Rifle Rack:

HD09 Pistol Hanger: 

HD52 Pistol Hanger:


HD75 Heavy Duty Ammo Shelf:

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HDSW24-B, HDSW24-C, and HDSW24-S

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