Gun Wall Bundle (6 rifles and 6 pistols) – Black - HD90

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The ultimate in modular gun wall storage, our gun wall bundle is the perfect solution to hold all your guns and shooting gear. Made from durable heavy-duty aluminum, the strongwall panels safely hold the weight of all your firearms. As shown, the setup holds 6 rifles and 6 handguns but has the ability to be customized to store more guns with the purchase of additional rifle and pistol hangers.

Check out our general How To Install Guide to learn more about the easy installation process for Hold Up Displays gun walls.

  • 1 six long gun vertical rack - HD53
  • 2 wall mount pistol holders - HD09
  • 4 in-barrel pistol holders - HD52-R
  • 1 heavy-duty display shelf - HD75
  • Now includes 6 strongwall panels instead of 5 - HDSW24-B


Height: 36"

Width: 48"

Depth: 14" 



  • Width:
    14.00 Inches
  • Height:
    51.00 Inches
  • Depth:
    7.00 Inches

American-Made Storage Solutions

Designed by gun owners for gun owners, our flagship HD90 Gun Wall Bundle optimizes wall storage space for a variety of firearm collections. It provides the most secure solution you can trust to support your heaviest gear.

From our aluminum slatwall panels to steel racks and display shelves, every piece of our gun walls is made right here in the United States. You can guarantee the protection of your valuable firearms with protective padding that cradles any weapon. With the best materials and a durable powder coating, our gun wall is built to last a lifetime.

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Modular Gun Storage

One of the many benefits of Hold Up Displays is the modularity of our storage systems. Our gun walls will grow alongside your collection or inventory. Adding a couple new rifles or some extra gear? No problem. Buy extra slatwall panels (HDSW24) or extra gun wall bundles.

Expand Vertically

Stacking additional slatwall panels is a simple way to expand vertical storage in your system.

Expand Horizontally

Our included connector piece allows you to expand your wall horizontally and accommodate even more guns and gear.

Building a Gun Room

Building your own gun room, gun closet, or gun vault just got easier with Hold Up Display’s HD90 Bundle. For many gun owners, a gun room can allow you to enjoy your hobby, show off your collection, or practice the necessary cleaning, gunsmithing, and reloading of your weapons. It also keeps your gear organized and accessible for the moments you need it most.

No matter what space you’re working with, from an entire spare room to a smaller office or closet, the HD90 is key to optimizing storage and displaying your collection.

Customizing Your Gun Wall

Customization is one of the many benefits Hold Up Displays can bring to storage in your home or store. The HD90 is a great place to start, storing 6 long guns, 6 handguns, and a variety of gear in a completely customizable layout. Accommodate your ammo supply, suppressor collection, extra mags, and more.

You can even build a completely personalized wall with our Gun Wall Builder. Choose the exact gun racks, accessories, and mounts that best fit your gear.