How to Install Your Hold Up Displays Gun Wall

So you’re thinking about buying a gun wall display or you’ve just bought one and need to set it up: Here’s what you can expect when installing a Hold Up Display gun wall.


Gun Wall Building Tools You’ll Need

There are a few tools that will help you assemble your Hold Up Display’s Gun Wall. These include:

  • Drill 

  • 3/16” Drill Bit (Titanium Impact)

  • 4ft. Level

  • Phillips Driver 

  • Pencil 

  • Stud finder

  • Measuring tape

  • Wrench

Gun Wall Pieces You’ll Receive

Your exact parts will depend on what pre designed or custom bundle you purchase. Generally, our gun wall bundles will come with the following pieces:

  • Panels

  • Long Gun Racks

  • Handgun Racks

  • Accessories

  • Screws 

  • Slatwall Clips

  • Endcaps 

Once you receive your package, you’ll want to unbox the components of your gun wall bundle and separate the individual items.

Next, you’ll start installing!

Mounting Slatwall Panels

Let’s start with the slatwall. These rails are the foundation of your gun wall. Made with extruded aluminum and finished with a durable powder coating, our panels are designed to handle the weight of any firearm or a large collection. Choose from a variety of colored slatwall panels including walnut, black, camo, American flag, hardwood, and more.

When you’re installing the panels, there are a few things to keep in mind:

The top of your panel has a groove that fits into the lip of the bottom. Keep the top and bottom of your slatwall in mind while mounting — You don’t want to install your panels upside down. 


Here’s where your stud finder comes in handy. You want to be sure to hit wall studs when you mount your rail. We include the attachment hardware for normal wood stud wall applications.

What if you’re looking to install your display on a concrete wall? Go for it, but take the following information into account before you do so: You’ll need to supply your own hardware to get the job done. It’s also a lot harder to mount into concrete, so we generally recommend studing the concrete wall so you can attach the rails to the studs.


Finding Your Placement & Drilling Holes

The first big step is finding your wall placement and pre-drilling your holes. Before you get into the installation process, think about where on your wall you want your display to sit. You want your firearms to be within reach, but you also want to avoid any longer rifles from hitting the ceiling. Each panel is 6.5”, so take note of the height all your panels will add up to, and the wall space you are working with.

You’ll be pre-drilling your holes into the top and bottom channels of your slatwall panel. This means for each stud you are securing into, you’ll be drilling two different holes. Be mindful about evenly spacing the wall studs through your slatwall panels. You want to drill into every available stud while also considering an even spacing that will provide full support to your slatwall panels.

Mounting the Panels to the Wall

Drill your panels into the wall using the provided screws and pre-drilled holes. Your rails will be able to stack on top of each other as the bottom lip of the top rail slides into the groove of the bottom rail. Slide the top panel in, secure it with the screws, and repeat the process until you’ve screwed in all your rails.

And just like that, you’ve got your strong and secure backdrop. Now it’s time to mount your favorite firearms and gun gear.

You Can Connect Your Panels Horizontally 

If you’re looking to expand the width of your wall, you’re in luck. Our panels have the ability to connect side by side. 


Each rail comes with a joiner piece (rectangular steel piece) to make horizontally joining two rails easier. Slide this piece into the back of the slatwall with the pointed side down. Then, insert the other slatwall panel, pushing the panels together to touch. 

Assembling Your Gun Racks

Next, you'll want to put together your long gun or handgun racks. A lot of our holders and racks come already put together, but larger mounts will arrive disassembled. Follow the specific instructions for your piece. We have a wide selection of wall mounts and racks. Your personal racks should fit your specific collection and can range from a vertical rifle rack to a handgun holder to a locking firearm display. 

The assembly will generally include screwing the rack to its slatwall mount and attaching the slatwall mount to a panel. And just like that, you’ve got your safe and secure storage solution to mount on your wall. 

Securing Your Racks With Slatwall Clips

Your bundle will come with slatwall clips. These clips allow the movement of gear without having your plate lift off your slatwall.

Hook the clip into your slatwall system, just to the left of the hanger. Gently pull the lip open on the right edge of the clip, and slide it over the hanger plate. Make sure the lip has locked in place securely around the right edge of the plate.

Hang Your Accessories & Gear

Slide in your gun wall accessories. Your specific accessories will depend on your bundle or custom design. Choose whatever gear you want to mount on your wall. The following are a few of our many gun wall accessories

  • Helmet Mounts

  • Gun Magazine Holders

  • Plate Carrier Hangers

  • Gun Wall Locks

  • Heavy-Duty Shelves

Enjoy Your Modular Gun Display

The great part about storing your gun collection with our slatwall systems is the ability to customize and rearrange your wall based on your space and arsenal. As your collection grows, so can your wall. Our 2-foot and 4-foot slatwall panels come as individual rails that can be stacked vertically or joined end to end horizontally. 

Trust Hold Up Displays to Supply The Best Gun Storage Solutions

That wraps up the general installation process of a Hold Up Displays Gun Wall. For the best gun storage solution, choose our wide selection of slatwall panels, parts, and racks that are customized to your specific firearms and gear. 

The strong design and efficient parts of Hold Up Displays will be something you are proud to show off. Check out our predesigned options or start building your own gun wall today.