Black Camo Gun Wall Bundle - HD100-BC

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Our Black Camo Gun Wall Bundle is the ultimate storage solution for all of your guns and gear. Supported by our heavy-duty aluminum slatwall, our camo system can safely hold the weight of all your firearms and is built to last

The panels, racks, and accessories that make up this package are fully customizable, giving you the flexibility to move the holders around to your preferred gun display setup.

Holding 6 long guns, 6 pistols, and up to 12 magazines, the HD100-BC can suit a variety of tactical collections, and can always be added to as your armory grows. It also includes a heavy-duty steel shelf for holding ammo and extra gear.

  • 6 heavy-duty extruded aluminum slatwall rails.
  • Black powder coat finishes on all gun hangers.
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed with a structural lifetime warranty
  • Mounting hardware and end caps included.
  • Mounting a unique collection? Buy just the HDSW24x6-BC panels and add gun racks and accessories to piece together a custom display. Our Gun Wall Builder can walk you through that process.



Bundle Includes:

-(1) HDSW24X6-BC Black Camo Slatwall Panel (48" x 36")

-(1) HD53 Vertical 6 Gun Rack

-(6) HD09 Pistol Holders

-(1) HD75 Heavy Duty Display Shelf

-(3) HD94 Magazine Holders

Installation Video for HDSW24x6 Slatwall Panels:


Installation Instructions:


Additional items available for this wall:

HD72 (place on metal shelf): 4 Pistol Rack

  • Width:
    15.00 Inches
  • Height:
    51.00 Inches
  • Depth:
    9.00 Inches

Gun Wall Systems Made in the USA

HUD’s Black Camo Bundle optimizes wall storage space and supports the heaviest gear. The system is made up of a variety of American-made pieces, from our industrial-grade aluminum slatwall panels to our steel racks and display shelves. Hold Up Displays has perfected the design of every pre-configured and custom-built system to offer every gun owner a storage wall that will last a lifetime.

Install the gun wall of your dreams


How to install your Hold Up Displays black camo panels.

Modular Gun Storage

One of the many benefits of Hold Up Displays is the modularity of our storage systems. Our camo gun wall has the ability to grow alongside your collection or inventory, making it a long-term solution for any gun owner or shop. Add new racks or shelves while expanding your wall both vertically and horizontally.

Expand Vertically

Stacking additional slatwall panels is a simple way to expand your storage system vertically.

Expand Horizontally

Our included connector piece allows you to expand your wall horizontally and accommodate even more guns and gear.

Design Your Gun Room

The HD100-BC pre-designed package is the simple and secure solution to help build your own gun room, gun closet, or gun vault. Keep all your gear — handguns, long guns, magazines, and more — easily accessible and safely mounted in the best-looking system on the market. No matter what space you’re working with, our Camo Wall can help design a gun room that will exceed every expectation.

Customize Your Storage Solution

Hold Up Displays prioritizes customization with every wall system and rack we offer. The HD100-BC is a great place to start, storing 6 long guns, 6 handguns, and a variety of gear in a completely customizable layout. You can even accommodate your ammo supply, suppressor collection, extra mags, and more.

If you’re more interested in a completely personalized display, our Gun Wall Builder is here for just that. Choose the exact gun racks, accessories, and mounts that best fit your gear.