Wall Mount Pistol Holder - HD09

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Will this hold large frame revolvers?

There are multiple holes on the “bar” of the HD09 where you can move the “hooks” to. Using the widest configuration, the hooks will be about 4.5” apart. Additionally, the hooks can swing horizontally for about another inch. Which means the maximum “spread” for the HD09 would be around 7”. Hopefully you can use that dimension with your large frame gun to determine if it would “fit” properly. We also have the HD04 two cradle set that is designed for long guns, but could be used for large frame handguns and/or handguns with long barrels.

Can the Wall Mount Pistol Holder (HD09) be used without the aluminum rail system?

Yes, the HD09 can be purchased with either the “flat wall” mounts (screw directly to the wall) or the “slat wall” mounts (used on a slat wall system). Be sure to choose the correct mounting option when you go through the order process.

How much weight will this pistol holder support?

The HD09 will hold up to 15 pounds as long as it is installed as recommended.

Will this work with a revolver?

Yes, the HD09 will hold a revolver. The swiveling/pivoting cradle accommodates many different styles of handguns.

Will the cradle mar or affect the finish on my guns?

The tubing that is on the cradles is designed to be non-marring for any surface on your guns.

At Hold Up Displays, we feature some of the best pistol mounting solutions, including our HD09 Pistol Holder. This high-quality mount provides simple, yet effective gun storage for any handgun. The horizontal pistol rack comes in a slatwall mounting option to be incorporated in a gun wall display package or in a flat wall option to display a single pistol or revolver on your wall. The innovative construction of the HD09 allows you to display your handgun at any angle, offering a personalized feel to a handgun wall or single handgun display.

Our gun racks are crafted from USA steel and feature a heavy-duty powder coat finish to ensure long-term quality. Every point of contact with the firearm is covered with soft rubber to prevent marring the handgun's finish. The deep "U" shape hooks securely hold pistols and can conveniently double as a fishing rod holder.

  • Efficient and safe firearm storage for a variety of handguns
  • Choose between our slatwall or flat wall mounting options
  • Integrate the HD09 in a slatwall system display
  • The multi-angle feature is a great addition to any gun room, shop display, or trade show booth
  • Our lifetime warranty on all purchases ensures a quality product that will last
  • Our gun racks are designed and manufactured in Wisconsin



Installation Instructions:

Flatwall: Choose location for hanger. Drive screws through mounting holes of hanger into wall using a Phillips screwdriver.  If a wall stud is not found, these pilot holes are necessary for installing the drywall anchors.  To do this, use the screwdriver to push and turn the anchors clockwise until flush. Remount hanger with screw into anchor.  DO NOT REUSE ANCHORS.

Slatwall: Hook the slatwall clip into your slatwall system, just to the left of the hanger.  Then, gently pull the lip open on the right edge of the clip, and slide it over the hanger plate.  Make sure that the lip has locked in place securely around the right edge of the plate.  (This clip allows for movement of the plate, without allowing it to lift off your slatwall when the display item is removed. 

All Stock Numbers

HD09-FW and HD09-3SW

  • Width:
    5.75 Inches
  • Height:
    3.50 Inches
  • Depth:
    3.00 Inches