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Combine functionality and aesthetics with our HD93-F American Flag Gun Bundle. Every Hold Up Displays product, from our panels and racks to our accessories, is made in the USA, ensuring a quality, reliable, and strong storage solution. Whether you’re optimizing space in your gun room, living area, garage, or gun shop, our American flag gun wall is sure to get the job done while offering a display you’ll be proud to show off.

This package includes handgun hangers and a long gun rack for a clean display of 6 rifles and 6 handguns. Add in a steel shelf for storing gun accessories and ammo and you’ve got the best-looking, most convenient system on the market.

  • 1 Vertical 6 Gun Rack — HD53
  • 6 Pistol Racks — HD09
  • 1 Heavy-Duty Display Shelf — HD75
  • Mounting hardware for wall stud installation included.
  • Buy only the American Flag slatwall (HDSW24x5-F) and buy gun racks separately to customize your needs.



 Installation Instructions:

Bundle Includes:

-(1) Flag Slatwall Bundle (48" x 30.5")
-(1) HD53 Vertical 6 Gun Rack
-(1) HD75 Heavy Duty Display Shelf
-(6) HD09 Pistol Holder

Are any substitutions allowed for this Wall Bundle package?  I would like to swap some pieces in and others out.

There aren’t any substitutions allowed for our “bundles”.  However, each bundle is made up of our individual parts. So you can order everything “a la carte” and get exactly what you want through our gun wall builder (click here).  If you would like help with this process please give us a call at 866-443-6623

Can the American Flag Gun Wall Bundles (HD93) be attached to a concrete wall?

Yes, but we supply attachment hardware for normal wood stud wall applications.  So you will need to purchase your own hardware to attach to a concrete wall.  It also takes some skill to line up the holes that you drill into the aluminum rails with the holes that you pre-drill into the concrete; especially if you are covering a large area.  In a lot of situations, it’s easier to stud the concrete wall so you can attach the rails to the studs.

Are there holes pre-drilled into the rails for the screws?

We do not pre-drill holes into the rails.  You will need to drill holes into the rails wherever it matches up properly with your wall studs.

Are there larger sizes available for the flags?

Yes we do print custom flag sizes. Please call 866-443-6623 to discuss.

  • Width:
    14.00 Inches
  • Height:
    51.00 Inches
  • Depth:
    7.00 Inches

Premium, heavy duty and sourced here in the USA. Our products are built to last you a lifetime. We make the strongest, most durable gun walls on the market. We take pride in our craftsmanship so you can take pride in your gun collection.

High density composite

Durable and soft tubing to ensure your rifles, pistols and gear hold strong and stay protected.

Cold rolled steel

U.S sourced raw steel that is crafted by expert welders and fabricators, designed for your firearms.

*American hardwoods

High quality, pure hardwoods harvested in America. Display with strength and style.

*Used only in select products containing wood.

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Edward Sarkissian


“This slatwall is solid. I mean
heavy, heavy duty stuff.”

Jeremy Seirs


“If you don’t have one, you don’t need a lot
of space to accomplish that”

Mike Glover (FieldCraft Survival)


“It’s crazy strong, my kids can
climb on this wall.”



“This is very modular. You can add to this. There’s a
lot of things that you can do with this.”



“The Hold Up Displays wall is
pretty dang cool.”



Our American Flag Panels

Hold Up Displays offers storage solutions for gun owners designed by gun owners. We prioritize functionality, safe display, and customization, to ensure everyone can find a system that fits their unique space and collection. Our American flag panels are a top seller to elevate any room while supporting the weight of your firearms, gear, and more. These panels are constructed of our classic heavy-duty strongwall and use a printed graphic. The wall is clear-coated after printing to ensure that the graphic will not rub off from use. Durable, patriotic, and secure — what more could you ask for?

Modular Gun Storage

This gun wall storage system is fully modular so you can adjust each rack on the wall and create your preferred firearm display. Purchase new racks, shelves, or mag holders to expand your wall as your firearm collection grows.

Expand Vertically

Stacking additional slatwall panels is a simple way to expand your storage system vertically.

Expand Horizontally

Our included connector piece allows you to expand your wall horizontally and accommodate even more guns and gear.

Build Your Own Gun Room

The American Flag Bundle is the first step to building an awesome gun room, closet, or vault. It adds a personalized aspect that shows off your collection while keeping everything secure, safe, and organized. With the HD93-F, you can take any room to the next level and be proud of your display.

Want to secure your racks even more? Easy. Our multi-gun cable lock is a simple add-on to integrate into the trigger guard of your mounted handguns or long guns.

Customized Firearm Storage Solutions

The HD93-F is a predesigned package that can fit six long guns and six handguns alongside a shelf of gear. If you’re looking for something more — larger storage capacity, more long guns, more shelving, etc. — our gun wall builder is here to help. Choose the American flag slatwall structure (also comes in olive drab green) and piece together the racks and accessories that best fit your collection.

No matter what storage solution you’re looking for, our team is here to help!

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