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American Flag Slatwall

Stock #: HDSW24X5-F

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Price: $329.95

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The greatest gun wall in all the USA. No other gun wall like this currently exists.

The American Flag slatwall is made up of 5 HDSW24 (Made of heavy duty extruded aluminum. Not plastic which tends to sag). The rails have been clear coated after printing to ensure that the graphic will not rub off from use.

Popular hangers for this wall (buy slatwall versions):

HD09 Pistol Hanger: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/wall-mount-pistol-holder 

HD52 Pistol Hanger: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/in-barrel-wall-mount-pistol-hanger

HD04 Rifle Hanger: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/horizontal-gun-hanger-and-bow-holder

HD53 Rifle Rack: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/gun-rack-and-bow-holder-complete-unit

HD80 Rifle Rack: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/angled-vertical-3-long-gun-rack

HD75 Heavy Duty Ammo Shelf: https://www.holdupdisplays.com/products/heavy-duty-display-shelf

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