Gun Magazine Holder - HD94

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How easy is it to remove mags from wall mount?

The gun magazine freely sits on the "shelf" of the HD94 gun mag wall holder and isn't physically attached to the wall mount in any way. The horizontal bar of the HD94 keeps the magazines from falling out of the wall mount.

Will this mag wall mount hold single stack mags as well?

The horizontal crossbar and the "cut out" slots of the HD94 mag holder makes it very versatile to adjust to the various size/styles of firearm magazines.


Hold Up Display's Gun Magazine Holder is the best storage solution for a variety of firearm magazines. This mag holder is the perfect fit for both slatwall and flat wall display options and will fit four of any AK-47, AR-15, AR-10, .22, or smaller rifle or pistol magazines. Storing mags and extra ammo on your gun wall creates convenient access to your collection. Grab your gear for your gun holster or magazine pouch on the way to the range.


Our high-quality design can be adjusted in five different positions to fit the size of your mags. Move the magazine rack bar to accommodate your specific collection. Organize your magazine collection including your rifle magazine or handgun magazines with a product you can proudly and securely display.


  • All Hold Up Displays products are made in the USA, by gun owners for gun owners
  • The HD94 gun mag holder is backed with a structural lifetime warranty
  • Available in slatwall and flat wall installation options
  • Mounting hardware included (flat wall installation)
  • Contact our quality customer service team with any questions or advice 



Installation Instructions

Choose a location on the wall for the rack.  Use a Phillips screwdriver to drive the screws through the mounting holes into the wall.  If a wall stud is not found, use these pilot holes to install the drywall anchors.  To install the anchors, use the screwdriver to push and turn the anchors clockwise until they are flush with the wall.  Then remount the rack with the screws into the anchors.  

All Stock Numbers

HD94-FW and HD94-SW

  • Width:
    5.25 Inches
  • Height:
    3.75 Inches
  • Depth:
    4.50 Inches