Firearm & Fishing Rod Track Bundle - HDTK549

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Are the holes pre-drilled in the tracks of this Firearm & Fishing Rod Track Bundle?

No, we do not pre-drill the holes in the track pieces. 

How many long guns will I be able to get on one of these horizontal gun rack sets?

The HDTK549 comes with cradles to display (5) long guns.  Weight wise, the tracks will be able to support more weight, the limiting factor is how comfortable you are having your guns close together.  If they are primarily going to be displayed and not handled, close isn’t a big deal.  If you are constantly taking the guns in/out of their cradles, you’ll likely bump them into each other if you try to get too many on the track set.

Can the track be easily cut if I don’t have 48” of space?

Yes, the track is made of aluminum and can be cut fairly easily.

How do I purchase extra cradles for the HDTK549?

Our extra cradles are found here.


Create a unique long gun display that holds up to 5 rifles, shotguns, or even, fishing rods with Hold Up Displays’ modern horizontal gun rack. An impressive addition to any gun shop, trade show booth, gun closet, or gun vault room, the HDTK549 gun rack system has the modular ability to be customized and expanded to meet your specific needs.

This simple, yet innovative track storage rack features easy installation to optimize floor space and mount your long guns or fishing poles in any room. The horizontal rack is available in a durable black, copper, or silver finish and features a cradle tubed with soft rubber to keep firearms or fishing rods safe from damage. 

  • The best gun wall rack to horizontally display a long gun collection or fishing rods
  • Hold Up Display's storage solutions are always made in the USA
  • Our racks are backed with a structural lifetime warranty, ensuring quality and satisfaction
  • Choose between 3 color options including black, copper, and silver
  • The mounting hardware is included for simple installation
  • Looking to mount more than 5 long guns? Purchase extra cradles to expand firearm and fishing rod storage capacity.



Dimensions of the Cradle:


Installation Instructions:


All Stock Numbers

HDTK549-B, HDTK549-C, and HDTK549-S

  • Width:
    48.00 Inches
  • Height:
    4.00 Inches
  • Depth:
    4.00 Inches