The Best Gun Racks for Your Home

Oct 26th 2022

The Best Gun Racks for Your Home

There are many mounting and storage options for gun owners looking to store firearms in their home. You can put them in safes to waste away for years (not favorable). Or you can throw them in the cabinet or closet in a storage case (also not favorable). For years, wall gun racks have been a preferred option for safe gun storage with easy access to all your gear. We don’t think those who came before us had the wrong idea; they were right. Reject modernity; embrace tradition.

We do, however, accept modern materials and processes, believing there is great strength in employing tradition and wisdom with modern materials. Our firearm racks are made with modern and traditional materials, but they will give you the beautiful fit, finish, and function you expect and deserve. We feature a variety of racks to display your hunting rifles or valuable collection, so we're going to break down a few of our favorites to help decide which is right for your home.

Best Long Gun Rack List for your collection

Vertical 6 Gun Rack

The vertical 6 gun rack is a great stand-alone gun rack for your house. It can be mounted on any wall in your own home and holds six of your favorite long guns.

The beauty of this mounting system is its flexibility. If you prefer the slatwall gun wall system for mounting, you can select that mounting style or choose a standard flat wall to put it anywhere.

Our vertical 6-gun rack is a modern design that provides both quick access and security. We have several locking solutions available. It is also a strong and secure system, made to last and rated for 100lbs.

The vertical rack's angle allows for just about any combination of long gun and optics, so there is no need to worry about your Zeiss glass getting scuffed.

Hardwood Horizontal Firearm/Fishing Rod Rack

Our hardwood horizontal rack is like taking a trip back in time to your grandpa’s hunting lodge in the backwoods of Wisconsin; rich hardwood pillars provide the strong base for this rack.

Four sturdy hooks give you the option to mount your favorite shotguns or rifles on this beautiful rack, and at a price that will make you smile.

Since the rack comprises two individual pillars, it is easy to mount straight to studs no matter the spacing on the center.

This rack is one of the best options if you want to use a closet as a gun storage room. Each vertical measures only 1 ¾” wide and 28 ⅝” in height, protruding 5 ½” from the wall, making it a compact option for mounting your long guns. In addition, if you are so inclined, you can butt them end to end vertically, which allows you to mount twelve long guns on a standard height wall per column of racks.

Horizontal Gun Rack

Our horizontal gun rack is a modern take on the hardwood horizontal rack. Using metal for the vertical pillars allows a lot of flexibility in the function of the rack. Each vertical display track is lightweight yet strong aluminum and comes from the factory with five padded cradles.

Since you determine the cradles' vertical spacing, you can buy additional cradles and mount more than five long guns on the rack. Second, if you aren’t a fan of your rifles sitting level, you can mount them at angles on the rack.

We suggest this rack for a bunch of different uses. First, it is an excellent option for storefronts to display long guns. Like our gun walls, our horizontal gun racks are modularly designed to be easily added to anytime you like.

You may buy one and realize that adding another horizontal rack is the best option as your collection grows. Installation is a breeze with our horizontal gun rack system: find your studs, mark them with a plumb line, and install the verticals.

Folding Hardwood Gun Rack

When you have a lot of guns, you need to optimize space. So we have tailor-made our floor-mounted gun racks with this in mind.

Our folding hardwood gun rack adds a touch of class to your storage situation, whether you like to leave it in the open or use a closet for storage.

This rack is a great standalone gun rack and is never out of place wherever you keep it.

But it is more than just a conversation piece or storage accessory; the folding hardwood gun rack is built with utility. It is as much at home at the range as in your closet, living room, or gun vault.

You can take it to the range to keep your rifles stowed and then use it to keep them in order when it comes time to clean them back at the ranch house.

Don’t think this folding gun rack is a one-trick pony; you can also use it for crossbows or compound bows.

Folding Metal Gun Rack

The folding metal gun rack is your best friend for a long day at the range. It’s got room for six of your favorite rifles, so you can use your shooting bench for shooting instead of storing all of your iron.

The folding metal gun rack is made with practicality in mind. It is feathery light, takes up almost no space, and couldn’t be simpler to set up and use.

When you get back to the house, it doubles as permanent storage. It looks great as a stand-alone long gun storage option and is compact enough to fit in almost any coat closet or corner of a room.

Along with our folding hardwood gun rack, our folding metal gun rack is a great helper for your mandatory-fun gun cleaning sessions. We know how it goes without a rack: you lay out your guns all over the table and keep moving them because they’re in the way. Then your significant other gets mad because you let CLP drip all over the table. Don’t be this guy. Buy a folding gun rack.

A Variety of Firearm Storage Solutions with Hold Up Displays

We feature a variety of options to incorporate firearms and relative gear into a simple gun rack or a gun wall bundle. Check out our full list of wall mounts and floor gun racks for more options. We have anything you might need, whether you are looking for a gun holder, pistol rack, or gun stand that provides efficient and safe storage at affordable prices.

We also have a variety of gun safety locks and locking rack options if you are worried about an unsecured gun and looking for extra protection and security. Our lockable gun rack options include a Locking Pistol Display or a Locking One Piece Long Gun Display, allowing you to safely display your favorite gun.

We can go all day about our gun racks because we love them! They are tough, durable, affordable gun storage solutions that look fantastic. You will love it, and you might have to justify a few more rifle purchases to fill another one.