Top 5 Display Gun Racks to Secure Your Firearms

Dec 6th 2022

Top 5 Display Gun Racks to Secure Your Firearms

You’re in the market for a gun rack. Maybe you hit the jackpot and won a score of rifles at a raffle. Or you’ve been building up your collection over the past few years, and it’s overtaking your coat closet. We understand the dilemma and have your solution in our collection. The challenge is, is one of our storage racks the solution to your demands?

No two people have the same collection of firearms; a man's firearm collection says a lot about who he is. What his tastes and preferences are, what kind of shooting he is into, and if he is an AK collector, how many Adidas tracksuits are in his dresser.

Just as the collections themselves are different, the needs and priorities for each man's gun storage solution are going to differ as well. Some might prioritize quick access while others put the organization of their guns at the top of their list. Either way, Hold Up Displays has home gun racks and accessories for any and every gun owner.

We have assembled our top five best gun racks (in no particular order) to better understand what will work best for your needs.

5-Must-Have Gun Racks

Vertical 6 Gun Rack

The vertical gun rack is a timeless classic. It is fast and easy to access, one of the best uses of space, and looks great.

Our vertical 6-gun rack is a high-quality gun rack for the budget-minded gun owner who wants a secure wall storage mounting solution.

The main benefit of the vertical rack is the ability to house weapons of any length. So it doesn’t matter what weapon you have on it, from a Mossberg 500 with an 18” barrel to a Mosin-Nagant, it will fit on the vertical 6-gun rack.

Our core design offers two different mounting options: it can be mounted directly to the wall via metal flat mounts, or you can buy Slatwall mounts to go with our Slatwall system. In addition, since our slatwall system is entirely modular, the vertical 6-gun rack can be added onto any slatwall system either as a standalone display rack or as an additional storage solution.

Rifle Rack Slatwall

The Rifle Rack Slatwall is a simple yet effective rifle display for a variety of collections. Our slatwall system is designed from the ground up as a modular system anchored securely into the wall. Since it is modular, you can continue to add wall panels to make it exactly what you want it to be.

Our rifle rack Slatwall comes standard with vertical mounting for 12 rifles or shotguns. It’s the gun rack that you want for your collection, composed of:

Our goal with this kit is a highly-durable, robust design that can easily support the weight of 12 long guns. But it also looks dang good. The angled gun displays are graceful bookends to the vertical rack in the center, so your collection is secure and looks fantastic, too.

Gun Wall Bundle

Our best-selling kit, we included this one because it has a little bit of something for everybody.

We started with our classic black strong wall slat wall system to form the foundation for this gun wall. We made our gun wall and rack system to carry a lot of weight and keep delivering, so the foundation has to be strong. All our slat walls are made from extruded aluminum, so our gun walls are the strongest on the market.

Next, we set you up for success with the best handgun storage solutions, including a set of four angled pistol mounts. Most of our customers like to mount these at the top of the gun wall, but there are no rules stating that you have to put them on top. And, of course, we throw in a pair of our variable-angle pistol hangers. With their dual hook design, these are useful for jobs outside of hanging pistols: you might want to hang your chest rig from them or a belt.

We didn’t forget about accessories, our gun wall bundle includes a heavy-duty display shelf for good measure. This shelf is a great place to stack boxes of ammo and other firearm gear. The addition of magazine holders keeps your mags right where you need them at all times. Our high-quality mag holder is compact and adjustable from 9mm mags to AR and AK mags.

Finally, our Vertical 6 Gun Rack is the backbone of this bundle. Super strong, light

Firearm & Fishing Rod Track Bundle

We respect you for being a classic guy. You have driven your Chevy pickup to the same fishing shack for years. You grew up using a Winchester .270. Crisp fall days are made for hunting pheasants and quail in the heartland with your 870 Wingmaster.

If this is your idea of an ideal lifestyle, then the horizontal gun rack and fishing rod track bundle is just what you’re looking for.

We set out looking for the logical evolution of the classic gun rack. The classic, solid wood gun rack is a simple design with easy access, stacking guns horizontally along a pair of vertical tracks. We don’t need to change the basic design; we have merely modernized it with modern manufacturing and materials. While we love traditional wooden products as much as the next guy, aluminum works well here.

We also carry a modernized version of this gun rack display if you want something contemporary.

For one, since it is two separate vertical units, you can space them as far apart or as close as you like. And, if you have a whole bunch of guns to show off, you can stack them up end to end.

Folding Metal Gun Rack

One of our most valuable and practical racks, our folding metal gun rack is an overachiever.

It is equally at home in your house, gun room, or man caveas it is on the range. See, we engineered the little folding gun rack to pull double duty: it uses open floor space to rack six of your favorite long guns (or AR/AK pistols and SBRs), but it is also ideally suited for tagging along at the range. In fact, we designed an add-on attachment specifically for SBRs and AR/AK pistols.


Because you need somewhere besides your range bag lying in the dirt to keep your guns when you’re shooting; instead, keep them upright, secure, and organized. Our folding rack is our tailor-made solution for this problem. But it also keeps them prominently on display in your home.

Wrapping It Up

Gun racks are a great way to store your guns securely, safely, and efficiently. Less cumbersome than a safe and far more accessible, they are your best options to keep your guns at the ready. Plus, Hold Up Displays offers a lifetime warranty to reflect our commitment to quality.

Deciding which one to buy is hard; we’ve taken the guesswork out. So hit those links, and get your gun rack ordered today!