Gun Wall Mount Ideas & Tips For Effective Firearm Storage

Apr 4th 2023

Gun Wall Mount Ideas & Tips For Effective Firearm Storage

There are a bunch of different ways to store your guns, and some work and look better than others. We think the gun wall is one of the best ways to mount your firearms for safe, secure, and modular storage. A gun wall is an awesome way to display your entire setup, whether a modest collection of long guns and handguns or a huge collection that can span an entire vault room.

If you're still searching for that perfect gun mount solution and looking for some ideas on what would work best for your collection and home, you've come to the right place.

Best Way to Store Guns

When it comes to gun storage, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. No two houses and no two gun collections are built exactly the same. Before deciding exactly which solution is best for your gun collection, let's discuss some options.

Gun safes are a common choice for their high level of safety and security, but they tend to fall short in accessibility, climate control, and practicality. Unless you have a big budget for a fireproof safe and the extra room on your main floor, a safe is going to prove more hassle than benefit.

Display cases and cabinets are a nice touch. Often made of fine hardwoods, they look great in most settings. These cases are great for an antique gun or two, but they aren't great for optimizing space with a large collection and they also offer little to no security.

Gun cases are fairly secure since they are generally lockable. But are they practical? No, not really. You will end up tucking them in the closet or sliding them under a bed. They are far better than leaving your guns out in the open, but far from a practical, accessible solution.

Floor racks are a nice supplement to other storage solutions. They are compact, portable, and easy to take to the range. If transportation is your priority, these are great options, but if you don't have an open floor space to sacrifice, you run the risk of clutter.

A wall-mounted gun rack is the best overall storage solution for various guns. First, they look good. Your collection is front and center, at eye level. Second, they're practical, keeping your guns secure, organized, and accessible 24/7. And with modular panels, you can keep adding to your collection and expanding the practicality a gun wall or gun rack system can offer.

Top Considerations for Hanging Guns

When you decide on a wall mount for hanging your guns, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind to achieve the perfect gun display.

What Guns Are You Hanging?

Your first consideration is the type of guns you plan to hang. What are you working with? Do you want to hang long guns strictly? Or do you have a mix of handguns? Maybe you also have some firearm accessories and gear that need to hang up with it.

One of the best things about hanging your guns on a wall mount is the ability to expand your storage laterally and vertically. If you have a lot of guns to store, the modularity of our gun walls is just the ticket. If you have a bunch of guns, especially long guns, you can’t beat the storage capacity of a gun wall.

How many is a lot? How about 24? That sounds like a lot. And we can do that, no problem, because that’s exactly what our Ultimate Rifle Slat Wall Rack holds. Of course, if that’s a little more than you need, you can always opt for our standard Rifle Slat Wall Rack, which holds 12.

Where Are You Hanging Them?

The size and wall space of your room will dictate just how crazy you can get with your gun wall display rack.

Many of us use our closet as a go-to room for gun storage. It keeps our guns accessible but still gives us the privacy and safety needed to store our weapons. Whether you have a walk-in closet or a smaller space, you've typically got some walls to work with. Our Vertical 6 Rifle Rack is perfect for closets, safely organizing up to 6 long guns. Or, you can use your own layout of handgun and long gun hooks.

Let's say you're blessed with more room, maybe a basement, spare bedroom, office, or dare we say, gun room. In these cases, the opportunities are endless. Our predesigned walls are some of the best configurations for a variety of gear. But, if you're looking for something a little more customized, we'll point you in the direction of our gun wall builder. The color, layout, size, and racks on your display system are completely up to you.

Gun Display Ideas

When it comes to the overall design and style of your gun wall mount, your preferences and space at hand are key.

You can work with a modern look, perfect for gun vaults or more militaristic rooms. Our American-sourced steel racks and black slatwall displays are great here, offering a modern, sleek display of your guns.

Maybe a rustic feel better fits your room, and in that case, hardwood is key. For long guns, maybe your antique rifle collection, we have some solutions that we are really proud of right now. The Four Rifle Wall is a nice rustic touch for a classic look. Where are our lever-gun guys? We know you’ll like this one! We also feature simple hardwood hangers, perfect for a classic display above your fireplace.

Of course, the great thing about our products is their infinite customization. If you want a classy touch, check out one of our hardwood slatwalls in cherry, oak, or walnut. These are proudly hand-crafted by partners in our local Amish community and will add beauty and refinement to any collection. But since these use our slat wall system, any slatwall accessories fit and work perfectly with these.

But don’t think we are leaving our handgun aficionados out to dry. We have something for everyone, and we have a lot of something for you hand gunners. Most of our gun wall bundles come with handgun mounts, but nothing says that you can’t customize your wall with as many handgun mounts as you want.

Check Out Our Gun Wall Gallery

As you can see, your display opportunities are never-ending. Check out our gun wall gallery for more visuals and to help you find the exact look you're going for. Also, follow us on Instagram for even more inspiration and gun wall goals.

How to Mount Gun Wall Displays

Our gun walls are engineered to be user-friendly design. Any average DIYer will have no problem with them and should be able to mount the entire wall in 30-60 minutes fully. You will only need some basic tools including:

  • Electric drill
  • Drill bits
  • Screwdrivers and a screwdriver bit set for the drill
  • Level
  • Carpenter pencil
  • Stud finder (this one is one of the most reliable on the market)
  • Tape measure

Since our walls are not pre-drilled, you need to find your studs, measure the distance between them, and mark the ones you plan to use vertically with a pencil. Then you can pre-drill your slats, making sure they are all identical. After that, make sure the top slat is level and start installing them! It’s just that easy. As long as the top slat is level, the rest will be, too, although we suggest checking the level on every slat.

Hold Up Displays Offers Innovative Racks, Hooks, & Mounts to Hang Your Guns

The products offered by Hold Up Displays are wholly innovative and 100% American-made, and we offer everything you need in one place to mount whatever guns you have, however many guns you have. Small collection? No problem. Huge collection? Still fine. And if you buy a gun wall but decide to customize it further, you always can. We've got everything from gun locks to tactical gear mounts and even optics holders.

Also, if you have any questions about our products, please call us! Our dedicated team will love to help.