Optimize Your Gun Closet | Gun Racks & Walls for Closet Storage

Mar 3rd 2021

Optimize Your Gun Closet | Gun Racks & Walls for Closet Storage

As a gun owner, you understand the importance of proper firearm storage. Whether you are a seasoned collector, a dedicated hunter, or a vigilant home defender, the need for a safe, secure, and convenient place to store your firearms cannot be overstated.

Closets are a simple and popular go-to for gun storage. Unlike the traditional approach of storing firearms in bulky safes or exposed cabinets, closets offer a discreet, affordable, and accessible solution.

While closet firearm storage may seem straightforward, it’s essential to prioritize safety and security when storing your guns. It’s easy to stand your rifle or shotgun in the closet corner, but is this reliable and safe? Not really.

Proper Gun Storage

Studies show that many gun owners do not store their guns properly. It is advised to keep your guns locked in a safe or locked into a gun rack to prevent unauthorized access or use. Without a doubt, your guns shouldn’t be in an easy-to-reach location. A gun safe or gun vault would be ideal, but safes can easily cost over $500, and most effective safes tend to be more than $4000. Also, there tends to be wasted space in most gun safes and you might only be able to fit 10 rifles and it is sure to take up a majority of the room. Firearm owners with a larger collection, a tighter budget, or a smaller space need a different option.

The Closet is a Game Changer

If you’re a gun owner, especially one who owns several rifles, a gun closet might be the best option, and for a few different reasons.

1. It’s Affordable

One of the primary advantages of using a closet for gun storage is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike specialized closet gun safes and gun cabinets, a closet can be adapted for gun storage without a significant financial investment. By adding simple locks, racks, or stands, owners can create a secure storage space without breaking the bank. This makes it an attractive option for those who may be on a budget but still want to store their firearms responsibly.

2. It’s Organized

Closets, even small ones, provide ample space and can be easily customized to suit the needs of any gun owner. Whether one has a large collection of firearms or just a few, a closet can be equipped with efficient racks or stands to keep everything in order. This ensures that each firearm, along with its gear (ammo, accessories, etc.) can be stored in a designated place, facilitating proper maintenance and quick access when needed. This level of organization not only protects the weapons but also simplifies the owner's interaction with them.

3. It’s Secure

Closets can be easily modified to achieve a robust level of protection. By adding reinforced doors, quality locks, and even alarm systems, a closet can become one of the most secure locations for firearms. The ability to customize the security measures allows gun owners to select options that fit their specific needs and concerns, adding an extra layer of comfort in knowing that their firearms are safely stored.

4. It’s Accessible

Accessibility is a top consideration for any gun owner. In an emergency, quick and easy access to firearms can be crucial. By choosing to store guns in a closet, owners can ensure that their weapons are stored in a location that is both familiar and readily accessible. Whether it's a bedroom or a hallway closet, this storage option allows firearms to be kept in a convenient location within the home, without being out in the open.

5. It’s Versatile

Closets can be adapted to suit various needs, accommodating different types and sizes of firearms through customized racks, walls, and stands. Unlike stand-alone home safes or a weapons locker, they can be seamlessly integrated into a home's design without disrupting aesthetics, and they offer multi-purpose usage for storing related equipment like hunting gear. The modular nature of closet storage systems allows for easy reconfiguration, making it a scalable solution that can grow and change with your personal collection. This adaptability, combined with its functionality, makes the closet a flexible and comprehensive option for responsible gun storage.

So we know a spare room or bedroom closet can keep gear organized, safe, and accessible while maintaining adaptability and affordability, so, where do we start? With an American-made, versatile, and affordable gun rack!

Closet Gun Racks & Stands

Nowadays, gun racks have evolved to become more functional and technical than they were in the past, reflecting the varying needs and aesthetics of modern gun owners. While some gun enthusiasts use them to showcase their collection of guns, others focus on using them solely for storage purposes. The design of gun racks has become more innovative and tailored to specific needs, with three main closet design ideas standing out: vertical, horizontal, and rotary.

Among these, the vertical gun rack is particularly noteworthy for its space-saving features. Unlike horizontal racks, which can take up considerable wall space, or rotary designs that might require a larger footprint, vertical racks utilize the height of a room, thus conserving floor space. This makes them an ideal choice for places such as storage rooms or smaller spaces where maximizing the area is a priority.

Here's whereHold Up Displays comes into the picture. At HUD, we offer a variety of gun storage systems that work great in small spaces. They can either be hung on a wall or placed on the ground. This way, the guns are easily picked off the rack whenever you need them.

The Perfect Vertical Gun Rack for Closet Spaces: The HD53

When it comes to optimizing space for multiple rifles in your closet, the HD53 comes to mind as a perfect solution. This Vertical 6 Gun Rack, specifically designed to accommodate up to six rifles, is the definition of gun storage efficiency. Handcrafted and expertly designed, the HD53 is not just a piece of storage equipment but a thoughtful addition to any gun owner's collection.

The heavy-duty design of the HD53 allows it to mount right into your closet wall studs, utilizing the vertical space that often goes underutilized, all with easy installation. Unlike traditional horizontal racks that may occupy significant wall space, the HD53's vertical orientation ensures that it conserves floor area while still providing easy access to each rifle.

The HD53 includes individual slots for each rifle, keeping them separated, protected, and easily accessible. This minimizes the risk of damage due to overcrowding or mishandling, and it ensures that each rifle can be quickly reached when needed.

And to top it all off, the HD53 is an affordable take on rifle storage. Starting at $119.99 this rack is the cost-effective start to the rifle closet of your dreams.

Building a Full Gun Closet

If you’re looking to take it up a notch, consider converting your entire closet into a comprehensive gun + gear closet that can house it all; ammo, accessories, firearms, you name it. Whether it's a small closet or a larger walk-in, Hold Up Displays has a customized solution to fully maximize your closet's potential.

We like to start out by introducing the HD90, one of our most popular and versatile walls in our inventory. The HD90 system makes room for six rifles, six handguns, ammo, and mags.

Looking for something a bit more personal? Easy. Our gun wall builder is here to walk you through the entire process, giving you the most custom gun wall in the game. First, select from a range of slatwall options. We can even cut custom sizes based on your unique room. Next, throw on a long gun rack or two. As we mentioned, our HD53 is the ultimate space saver, but we also offer locking racks and horizontal options. Moving on to handgun holders, organize your concealed carry collection in whatever configuration suits you. Finish it out with some accessories and boom, your custom closet holds it all.

Securing A Tactical Closet Vault

If you’re choosing a gun closet for its safety and gun control, you’ll want to consider your locking options. Here are some of the most affordable and convenient ways to keep your closet safe:

  1. Choosing the Right Lock: There are various types of locks available, ranging from traditional key or cable locks to biometric and combination locks. The choice should be based on your specific needs and the level of security you require. Biometric locks, for instance, offer quick access and personalized security, while combination locks can be a sturdy and reliable choice.
  2. Securing the Closet Door: As with most gun rooms, the main door of the closet can be fitted with a high-quality lock. A normal locking steel door is enough to secure your closet and detour most thieves or you can take it up a notch with a robust vault door. These additions will act as the first line of defense and ensure that the entire closet space is secure.
  3. Utilizing Locking Gun Racks: Locking gun racks, like our HD70HD71, and HD711, often come with built-in locks or allow for the addition of locks to individual compartments. This can add another layer of security, safeguarding each firearm individually.
  4. Integrating with a Security System: If you have a home security system, integrating the closet locks with the system can add further peace of mind. This could include alarms that trigger if unauthorized access is attempted, providing an additional deterrent.

By paying attention to the details and incorporating a layered approach to security, you can ensure that your closet provides a safe, secure, and responsible solution for gun storage.

Trust HUD to Help Build Your Gun Closet

Building a gun closet is an efficient way to store firearms, combining affordability, organization, security, accessibility, and versatility. From choosing the right design, such as the space-saving HD53 Vertical 6 Gun Rack, to building a custom display and implementing robust locks, each step in the process is crucial to creating a tailored and secure storage solution.

With options to suit every need, constructing a gun closet can be both an enjoyable project and a meaningful investment in safety. Hold Up Displays stands ready to assist you in this journey, offering storage solutions made right here in the United States that will transform your storage space, your bedroom, living room, closet, basement, gun room, etc. into a functional and secure showcase for your firearms. Reach out to Hold Up Displays today, and take the first step towards building a gun closet that meets all your needs.