Simple Yet Effective Gun Storage: Gun Hooks

Apr 4th 2023

Simple Yet Effective Gun Storage: Gun Hooks

A high-quality, low-profile hook is a go-to storage solution for many gun owners. Whether you’re incorporating gun hooks in a larger system or opting for a simple hook to display your favorite firearm, Hold Up Displays offers everything you need to get the job done right.

Mounting Your Guns with Gun Hooks

We’re big fans of mounting guns and gear. It's truly one of the best storage solutions to keep your guns safe, accessible, displayed, and organized. Now, there are a lot of different ways you can go about mounting your guns including walls, racks, shelves, and hooks just to name a few. The product that is right for you will depend on your collection, your space, and your preferences.

For some, a simple gun hook or a few gun hooks is best.

Mounting Your Gun: What to Consider

Type of Gun

Of course, the type of gun you are mounting is going to be a top consideration for which hook and which space is right for you. You might be mounting your pistol in your bedroom or closet for accessibility or maybe you're organizing your hunting rifles with a few high-quality hooks. Either way, you'll want to purchase a reliable mounting solution and map out enough wall space to get the job done.


We’ve discussed this in our last few articles, but firearm security is deadly serious. Every year, roughly one-quarter of a million guns are stolen from private individuals. These guns end up back in the streets, used for nefarious things. When people talk about the gun violence problem when what they should really be thinking about is the gun theft problem that fuels gun violence. As a gun owner, what should you do about it? Because obviously, if you are the victim of a break-in, guns are a hot commodity, especially if they are just sitting out.

A safe is definitely the most secure option to keep your guns completely secure, but like all things, they have drawbacks, namely climate control and ease of access.

However, there is no reason why you couldn't or shouldn’t use a safe in conjunction with other mounting options. Maybe your storage strategy can include keeping the bulk of your collection in secure storage while mounting a handful of your most-used guns.


We’ve talked about security, but what about safety? Thankfully, the numbers are quite low, but accidental firearm deaths in the United States still number in the hundreds yearly. And the thing about them is that they are all 100% avoidable, with proper gun ownership and storage solutions.

All of our display hooks, gun walls, and slatwall mounts can use a trigger guard, a cable lock, or even a one-piece long gun locking display.

But what good is a gun if it isn’t accessible and at the ready? This does not mean that all of your collection needs to be accessible at any given time. Maybe you want to use a safe. Or maybe you have a large collection and would like better access than a safe, and opt for a gun closet or even a gun vault room.

Using Gun Hooks

Hold Up Displays makes a wide range of gun hooks for keeping your firearms safe, secure, and accessible. We build hooks for all kinds of different display solutions and all kinds of guns. But our hooks don’t stop with guns; you can hang your compound bow, crossbow, and even recurves if you have them. Whatever you are into, we have a gun hook that will fit your needs. Here are some of the many places a gun hook will come in handy:


Your closet is one of the most underrated rooms to store your guns. “But what about the space they take up?”

Our flat-mounted hooks, namely our vertical gun hanger, take up very little space. Since the gun is hanging flat and vertically, it creates a low profile. Also, you can hang several rifles next to each other to mount your whole collection on otherwise unused wall space. Since each hook is quite small and has a small footprint, you can place them in empty parts of a closet, like behind the door or even in the corners.


Depending on where you live and your setup, your garage is a great place to store some of your firearms, especially if you live rurally with a large spread that you hunt. You’d hate for that meat doe or trophy buck to escape because you couldn’t get to a rifle! Our mounting solutions will organize all your gear from ammo to mags to guns. Since our gun hooks have many flat wall options, you can hang a Savage, Remington, or whatever you have in your tool room.

Our Go-To Hooks

There is no single best thing; everyone has a different collection, goals, and needs. With that in mind, we have a few options that work well for most users.

Long Guns Hooks

You have two basic configurations for your long guns: vertical or horizontal.

Vertical hooks are a great option for long guns when space is your primary consideration. A rifle hanging from a single hook takes up hardly any space and can tuck inconspicuously all over the house. You can hang your utility .22 in the laundry room, nestled in behind the dryer to drop that raccoon that has been killing chickens.

Horizontal hooks are also great, especially if showing off your sweet new AR or custom build is a priority. Our flat wall-mounted horizontal gun hangers are available in oak, ash, cherry, or black walnut and look fantastic. These are perfectly at home everywhere and are a great way to display your vintage M1894 above the mantle or about a doorway.

Handgun Hooks

We often focus on long guns, and handguns tend to get lost in the shuffle. Handguns need love, too.

We have many ways to store your handguns, whether they are your display models or ones you want around when things go bump.

A discreet wall-mounted hook is a practical way to keep a handgun nearby, out of sight, out of mind, and always ready.

Of course, we have plenty of options for the collector who wants to display. Our track mount pistol holder is perfect for displaying several handguns at a time. Also, our slat wall hooks are the perfect way to display that collection of Hi-Powers, 1911s, or even wheel guns.

Mounting All Your Gear

When it comes to optimizing gun storage, a simple hook or two should do the trick, but the real benefits are in full storage systems and gun racks. Especially for those with a full collection of guns and gear. From hunters to law enforcement officers to gun enthusiasts and armed citizens, we can all benefit from an organized and customized display system.

Our slatwall products are low-profile by design and are great at optimizing available space, meaning you might think you only have room for a few hooks, but with the right products, you have much more. Our most popular pre-designed gun wall has storage for six handguns and six long guns and plenty of room for mags, ammo, and kit. You can also customize your setup with our gun wall builder.

Regardless, our flat wall products, especially our hooks, are excellent solutions if you only have one or two guns that you’d like within easy reach and you aren’t really looking for a display. For example, if your go-to home defense weapon is an AR-15 and you want it close by but inconspicuous, a flat wall hook tucked just inside a bedroom closet is just the ticket.

A Leader In Firearm Storage

Hold Up Displays is your leader in wall-mounted firearm storage solutions for many different reasons.


We only use the highest quality materials. When it comes to hanging or mounting your valuable collection, no gun owner wants to deal with scratched, marred, or damaged guns. You wanted the best, and you got the best.

For our metal slatwalls, we only use aviation-grade aluminum. These provide a corrosion-free experience that looks great and will serve you for years to come.

We've got you covered if you want a more classic vibe. We partner with our local Amish community to produce some of the most beautiful wood gun storage solutions on the market.


We offer the best designs and configurations, tailored to all shooters. Whether you have all long guns, go heavy on the handguns, have a mix of both, or have bows, our solutions deliver. They can help elevate a variety of spaces, from rustic cabins to modern gun vaults - our designs can suit them all.


Another big consideration when storing a gun or two is that you want to be able to grow your storage solutions as your collection grows. A Hold Up Display storage system is the best way to grow your storage with your collection. Our slat wall products are modular, work with any of our walls, look great, and will last a lifetime.

Customer Service

The best materials on the market don’t make any difference if you can’t get ahold of customer service with your questions. Our customer service team is second-to-none and can talk you through the entire process.

Guns are a big investment. Gun storage is also a big investment. Investing in quality storage products will ensure you are using the most effective gun storage solution possible. With a lifetime warranty, our products are reliable options that will not only meet but exceed the expectations of any gun owner. If you are ready to get your storage started, check out the links above, or give us a call and talk to our customer service team about your storage needs. We’d love to hear from you!