Gun Walls: The Modular Storage Solution for Gun Collecting & Storing

Sep 19th 2022

Gun Walls: The Modular Storage Solution for Gun Collecting & Storing

If cleanliness is next to Godliness, then proper gun storage must be right up there, too. As a gun owner, your guns are an investment, and they are an asset that your children and your children’s children will use if you take care of them. Of course, as with most gun owners, we usually have a streak of the ‘gun collector’ in us. To make sure your guns stay in good condition to pass down to the next generation, you need a solid storage system. But as your collection grows, you also need a modular storage system to grow with it.

While safes have carved out the lion’s share of gun storage, they are not without their weaknesses, and modularity is at the top of that list.

What Is a Gun Wall?

The first question you are asking is “what is a gun wall?” Good question.

A gun wall, or more specifically our gun walls, are modular solutions that allow you to mount a wide variety of different guns and gear on it.

Our gun walls mount directly into the studs in your wall, making them incredibly secure. They are composed of a series of horizontally mounted aluminum slats that are made to mate up with each other creating a clean, smooth, and durable surface. We call our gun wall Strongwall, and true to its name, it is the strongest panel on the market.

The slats give you the ability to mount weapons in a bunch of different ways, visually displaying your favorite firearms and gear. Our walls can integrate your collectible guns whether it be antique firearms handed down or your favorite new rifle.

One of our most popular options for long guns is a six-pack vertical gun rack that securely holds six long guns at a time and looks sharp doing it.

We have just about any combination of mounting solutions you can imagine, from shotgun to handgun racks, archery to magazine holders, ammunition shelves, and really anything else you would want.

The beauty of the gun wall is it frees up space in your room by allowing the guns to mount off of the floor. Not only is this practical, but it looks awesome, and it promotes healthy gun maintenance. No, this is not a gimmick. Safes are designed to keep stuff out of them, so they have a tendency to keep you from accessing them and to keep moisture locked in. A gun wall keeps your guns out in the open, where you walk by them, look at them, and check up on them.

Is a Gun Wall a Secure Storage Solution?

A gun wall is a highly secure storage solution. As mentioned previously, the gun wall is securely mounted directly into wall studs and each individual slat is mounted on the studs.

The slats are not pre-drilled, since your house may have 16” on center or 24” on center studs, so you can figure out exactly which spacing you need for where you plan to hang it.

If you are mounting it to a wall that has 16” OC studs, you can attach each slate to three studs. With proper installation, these panels are not going to budge.

As far as security of mounting goes, we offer a few locking options which are easy to install, and once mounted to the slats, are not coming off. We offer individual trigger locks that mount securely to the trigger guard with a key and use a 19” long, aircraft-grade braided steel cable to attach to the wall.

Or, our personal favorite is the multi-gun storage lock that employs a 70” steel cable to run through trigger housing and back to the point of origin, where a simple padlock secures it. Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes. No reason to overthink it.

These two options are not our only gun lock options; our full collection can be viewed here.

How Do I Add On to the Gun Wall?

Add on to your gun room with long guns and tools

So, we know that gun walls look great, are tough as nails, and are extraordinarily secure. But what makes them modular? I.e., how do I add on to a gun wall?

Our gun walls are completely modular, both vertically and horizontally. We designed them so you can easily butt them end-to-end, or you can just keep adding them on top or below your last slat on the wall.

Say, for instance, you bought one of our pre-designed gun wall kits, and you are super stoked about it...but it’s just not quite big enough for your collection. It happens.

Maybe you’ve got another row of pistols that you need to mount on our in-barrel wall mounts. You can purchase individual slats and easily expand upon your existing setup.

But if that isn’t enough, you can add a whole second stack of slats to it. Or a third, fourth, and fifth. As long as you have wall space, you can go floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall.

Is There Ever a Limit to Adding On to a Gun Wall?

Nope, there is no limit. If you have the space, you can keep growing your wall. And, of course, you should keep your eyes out on our other products to fully maximize your space. For instance, if you are outfitting a closet into a gun room, you should think about using our pistol shelves for additional storage.

This is what we mean when we say that our gun walls are completely modular: there is no limit to the number of slats you can add. If you have wall space, you can add them. It can be as simple as you want, or as elaborate as you can imagine. The choice is yours.

And the beauty of our systems is that they are not only modular but also adaptable beyond firearms. We offer a range of mounting solutions for archery, fishing equipment, shooting gear, and accessories (I keep my range bag on my heavy-duty display shelf, which my wife appreciates a lot). You can even mount your optics on our scope tree! Whatever solution you need, we can help.

Modular Gun Storage Solutions with Hold Up Displays

Some will say that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we offer products that allow you to build out your gun wall to be anything you need it to be.

It can be as simple as our pre-designed gun wall kits, which we designed for the working class gun owner and gun enthusiast. Or you can outfit an elaborate gun room that would make Colonel John Matrix swoon. Whichever camp you’re in, we’ve got you covered with our gun walls and extensive line of accessories, and world-class service.