Modern Gun Wall Mounts and Displays for Today’s Shooter

May 3rd 2022

Modern Gun Wall Mounts and Displays for Today’s Shooter

While gun safes keep your firearms protected and safe, they have one fatal flaw: 

you don’t get to see your guns once they are inside! Thankfully innovation is catching 

up with the gun storage and display industry and you have more options for your 

guns. There are many more options when it comes to buying and installing a wall gun rack 

or a gun wall mount in your home. Here at Hold Up Displays, we strive to give shooters a much

better option that allows you to proudly mount and display your firearm collection for your 

personal enjoyment.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Gun safes and cabinets are great, but they can miss an important part of owning a gun

collection that you are proud of and that is to display it where you can see it. Think about all of

the time and work that went into finally purchasing the gun of your dreams, only to put it away in

the gun safe, cabinet, or back of the closet to never be seen again until your next day at the


The same can be said for gun cabinets. While they may seem to display your guns through the

glass, you cannot fully appreciate them once they are inside. They also do not give you any type

of customization or versatility. The same can be said for the traditional gun rack. Not only do

these look very basic, but they can be dangerous for your firearms if they are not

properly built or secured well enough to the wall. All of these problems are why we created our

gun wall mounts and displays. Our racks are designed to be modular and adapt to firearm

variations, where most cabinets and safes are fixed.

Gun safes definitely have a place for keeping firearms secure and protected,

but for those that have large collections that want to dedicate a space in their home to their

guns, a gun wall rack or gun wall mount takes an old way of doing something and makes it new


Not only that, but a dedicated gun room can be much more economical than multiple traditional

gun safes (and can look better too). As long as your gun room has a secure vault door, your gun

room can be a great way to properly display your collection and keep them plenty safe as well.

For added security, we also offer locking systems that ensure the guns stay protected even

when mounted on a wall.

Putting Your Guns On Display

One of the greatest advantages that our gun wall mounting system gives you is versatility. Every

gun owner is different, and every gun collection reflects that. This is something that a traditional

gun rack usually cannot handle. Not only do they rarely accommodate multiple styles of firearm, but

they can hardly allow you various lengths as well. This is where our gun racks and gun wall

mounts come in.

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to a gun wall, and we wanted to ensure

that our customers not only have a secure and safe way to mount their guns to a wall but a

sleek and elegant method that gives them full control over what the end product looks like.

Regardless of how many guns you have in your collection or how you want to display them, you

will be able to pick and choose what your gun wall mount looks like.

Of course, if you want a predesigned gun wall that has everything all ready to go, we have those

too! Whatever your firearm display needs are, you can have confidence and sleep easy knowing

that your guns are safely and uniquely mounted on the wall with Hold Up Displays.

What Sets Us Apart

Hold Up Displays was created to fill a giant problem in the firearm industry. You want to display

your guns on the wall but want to do it properly and securely so what do you do? Our gun wall

mounts and racks are built from the ground up to be the highest quality mounting solutions out

on the market today. Whether it is our gun wall system that allows you complete control over

your display and customization options or a regular gun rack wall mount that will give you a

simple yet efficient way to place your firearms on the wall, our products have got you covered.

When it comes to displaying your firearms, we provide the best gun racks and gun wall mounts 

that money can buy. Made 100% in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can proudly 

display and enjoy your gun collection on your wall.