Ammo Storage Ideas for Any Gun Owner

Jul 29th 2022

Ammo Storage Ideas for Any Gun Owner

Are you looking for secure ways to store your ammo? Once you have your firearm display and storage solutions in place, it’s time to give the same level of attention to your ammunition storage. It’s important to understand proper ammo storage practices before choosing what works best for your supply.

Why is Ammo Storage Important?

When it comes to gun ownership, most people think about gun storage and display options. But the same considerations should go into ammo storage. How you store your ammo is just as important as how you store your guns.

For one thing, you need to ensure that your ammo is both secure and readily available. Having your ammo accessible will make sure it is there when you need it, keeping you from making a last-minute run to pick up more ammo before heading to the shooting range. More importantly, storing your ammo securely will keep anyone else from accessing your ammo without your permission, especially if you have curious kids in the house. Finally, you want to properly store ammo so it remains in good condition. If not stored correctly, you may find your ammo corroded or ineffective.

Best Practices for Ammo Storage

No matter why you store ammo, it’s important to be aware of certain ammo storage requirements. This is essential so that you carefully curate your ammo storage containers and organize your ammo storage room or area as carefully as possible. Here are the basic requirements for ammo storage:

1. Keep it Organized

The last thing you want when reaching for your ammo is to have to dig through a jumbled clutter of ammo inside a dark drawer or cardboard box. Not only is this inefficient, but it’s also unsafe. Doing it this way increases the likelihood of injury or pulling the wrong ammo for the firearm you’re going to be using. Taking an organized approach to ammo storage will make your space feel put together and life a little easier.

2. Keep it Labeled

An important way to keep your ammo collection organized is proper labeling. You can do this in two ways: 1) Label the area where you store the ammo according to the firearm for which it will be used, and 2) Label ammo in its original box. The manufacturer’s label will contain many important details, such as the date of manufacture.

3. Keep it Cool and Dry

Ideally, your gun/ammo storage area is in a room temperature building, such as a basement or den. Extreme temperature fluctuations can have unexpected and/or negative effects on your ammo. Keep the ammo in a reasonably cool, dry place where it will be safe from high humidity, dampness, heat, or cold. If you fear that the area may become damp during certain weather conditions, consider placing several desiccant packs nearby to absorb excess moisture.

4. Don’t Handle it Needlessly

The less you handle your ammo before using it, the better. Handling ammo needlessly increases the odds that some will be dropped or misplaced into the wrong box. Once you organize and arrange your ammo storage solutions the way you like, leave them alone until you need to use them. Another aspect of this is making sure you store your ammo in a place where you don’t have to keep moving it to get to something else. In other words, don’t store your ammo on a shelf in front of other, more frequently used items. Your ammo storage area should be a dedicated space that holds ammo and nothing else.

Ammo Storage Ideas

Having reviewed why ammo storage is important, you’re now ready to create your ammunition storage area. This storage space for ammo serves a big purpose, so take your time and create something that will be practical, functional, and easy to use.

Gun Safe

A gun safe is a great way to store your ammo because it will be just as secure as your firearms. Many gun safes have separate, built-in compartments just for this purpose. If not, you’ll still likely have at least one shelf available inside your gun safe where you could store your surplus ammo. For good measure, don’t store your gun safe directly on the floor if possible. This will help keep your ammunition and firearms high and dry in the event of flooding.

Ammo Cans

For high-quality, easy ammo storage, consider using heavy-duty ammo cans for your rounds of ammunition. These are especially helpful if you’re storing surplus ammo with brass casings. Military ammo cans keep excess moisture and humidity out, which is why metal ammo cans are one of the most popular methods for storing ammunition. You could also toss in a handful of desiccant packs to absorb potential moisture and help keep your ammo from corroding. If you do choose to use ammo cans, keep them consistently latched for that extra protection and safety.

Dry Storage Boxes

You can choose from a variety of ammo storage box styles made with wood and/or plastic.

  • Gun Magazine Holder: If you have gun mags, you can’t beat a magazine holder that securely affixes to the 3-inch slats on a gun wall. Made in the U.S.A. of sturdy metal and backed with a structural lifetime warranty, these magazine holders can be adjusted in five different positions to fit the sizes of your mags. Easily move the bar to accommodate your growing collection.
  • Ammo Storage Shelf: With our slatwall panels, you can store and display your ammo securely on a display shelf. This is an ideal solution for ammo that you use frequently, and that you want readily accessible.
  • Display Hooks: If you opt to store some of your ammo inside of ammo bags, you could hang those bags off display hooks on your gun wall. In addition, you would want to label the display hooks on your gun wall to easily identify the type of ammo inside the bags.

Slatwall panels for the perfect gun and ammo wall

Hold Up Displays Can Help Display and Store Your Ammo

When it comes to gun and ammo storage, gun walls and racks from Hold Up Displays are sure to impress every gun owner. Our innovative products address your storage needs including a safe and appealing way to store your ammunition. Specifically, we’ve created durable display shelves for heavy-duty storage of a variety of gear, including ammunition. You can display your ammunition in your vintage ammo can, wood box, or the original ammo box packaging. With so many ways to store your ammo, you might choose just one way, or you might choose a variety of ways, depending upon the type of ammo, how long you’re storing it for, and how frequently you need to access it. Contact us for help on properly displaying your ammo and explore our range of gun walls and gun accessory displays