Helmet Wall Mount Stand - HD97

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This helmet hanger was designed specifically for heavy tactical helmets. Also works with motorcycle helmets, snowmobile helmets and hats. Whether loaded with all the accessories or the helmet itself, our helmet holder will safely hold and proudly display any headgear. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Backed with a structural lifetime warranty
  • Available in slatwall and flatwall installation options
  • Mounting hardware included (flatwall installation)
  • 15 pound weight rating if installed correctly

Installation Instructions:

Flat Wall: Choose location for hanger.  Drive screws through mounting holes of hanger into wall using a phillips screwdriver.  If a wall stud is not found, these pilot holes are necessary for installing the plastic toggles.  To do this, use the screwdriver to push and turn the toggle clockwise until flush.  Remount hanger with screw into toggles.  DO NOT REUSE TOGGLES.

Slatwall: Hook the clip into your slatwall system, just to the left of the hanger.  Then, gently pull the lip open on the right edge of the clip, and slide it over the hanger plate. Make sure that the lip has locked in place securely around the right edge of the plate. (This clip allows for movement of the plate, without allowing it to lift off your slatwall when the instrument is removed.)