Premium Protection

Cheap Materials Yield Cheap Results

530 pm rolls around.

It's been a long day of work, you pull into the driveway half annoyed, mostly tired.

There's a package sitting on your doorstep. Finally the product you've been waiting for all week has arrived.

You pick up the package with a little bit of excitement and march right into your work room.

It's time to pull out the pocket knife and slice it open. Just when you thought things were turning around…

You look inside and immediately see how cheap and flimsy this product is.

Frustratingly you go back on the product page and read how "awesome" and "sturdy" this product was supposed to be, yet you're holding a chincy, flimsy, plastic object in your hand.

Now you have to either eat the cost knowing these people from a land far away will never accept a return, or spend your only evening free filling out return forms hoping someone has an ounce of mercy for you.

Sadly, I think we've all been there. What a waste of time and money.

Don't Risk Using Cheap, Unreliable Products to Store Your Firearms

Let's go back to the above scenario.

What if this product you ordered was a part for your vehicle, a newer vehicle that you invested a lot of money into.

At first glance you couldn't see any glaring issues with the part. So you installed the part where it needed to go.

A few weeks go by. And your vehicle starts to have major engine issues.

You diagnose the situation and discover that the part you installed is completely ruined because it turns out it was made from low-quality materials that cannot perform over time or under pressure.

This would certainly amplify your frustration, and now both the part you paid for and the vehicle you invested money in are damaged and possibly ruined.

Well, we all know our firearms we love dearly happen to be a significant financial investment.

And the way in which we store these investments has impacts on them over time.

Yet many of us are using unsturdy, unreliable, or dare I say cheap hooks, racks, cases, and even safes, that are putting our valuable firearms at risk of being damaged.

So why trust our "highest quality" product claims?

Great question.

We all know the saying, "the proof is in the pudding."

So instead of reading a list of the super high quality materials our products are actually made from and just hoping it's true. (We'll post that list at the bottom if you're really curious)

We'll just show you the pudding.

See what over 100,000+ Gun Owners are saying
Neat product and excellent customer service

…I now love my wall full equipped with HD wall rack and accessories. And I am glad to give this company my money.

Chris United States
Pistol and Padded Hooks

Extremely pleased with the look and overall quality of the products with Hold Up Displays. Placed multiple orders for my gun wall…

Kurt B. United States
Fantastic product and service

Worked out great. Easy install. Had to put it against a concrete wall, but already had cleats in it from the shelves that were there previously…

Doug United States
First time buyer

I love the display. Everything looks great, is secure but still easy to access. The American flag wall looks awesome. Staff were very helpful…

Peter C. United States

Man, talk about durable. High-quality materials, easy to install. I was going to mount on cinder block but was told mounts easier on drywall…

John L. United States
Great rack for my new gun room

“Ultra fast shipping, install in minutes. Great racks for my gun room. Looks professional and organized. Still buying stuff from HUD…

Douglas W. United States

Why Our Gun Walls, Gun Racks and Hooks Will Last A Lifetime

Now that you’ve seen the pudding.

Here’s what our gun walls, racks, and accessories are made of, and why you can trust that your firearms will have the best protection and the strongest support.

We have the best slatwall on the market:

  • – Slatwall panels are made from American sourced, heavy duty aluminum, which will never sag or burst.

Premium gun racks and display hooks:

  • – Racks and hooks are made from fabricated cold rolled steel.
  • – And they are tubed with soft and durable composite so your firearms won’t get scratched or marred over time.

We build our products with high quality materials, because we know cheap materials will yield cheap results.

Your firearms, your financial investment, deserves to be protected and held up with the most reliable gun storage system.

What to Expect From Here

530pm rolls around again.

This time you have a big smile on your face seeing a Hold Up Displays package sitting on your doorstep.

You just received the highest quality, most durable gun wall on the market. No extra phone calls or forms needed so you can enjoy the rest of your evening.

No extra worry because our gun walls, gun racks, and shelves won’t fail.

Here are a couple options for you to plan and build your own personal gun wall today:

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