Endless modularity

Enjoy the Freedom to Modify and Expand Your Gun Storage

Guns are expensive.

Most of us have spent hours upon hours researching and looking at the guns we want.

If we're honest, we usually take a few more hours doing some mental gymnastics convincing ourselves we desperately need that Henry Repeating Arms or Beretta 1301 to complete our collection.

We buy it. Then a few months later we clearly see a deficiency in our current arsenal.

We have to buy another one right?

Now this newest necessary addition gets jammed into the gun safe sitting in our closet with no hope of having space for our next necessary addition.

At this point, one of two things happen.

We tragically give up on our dreams of finding that next perfect pew pew.


We have to buy, drag, and maneuver another gun safe into our home.

Nobody really wants to do either, and nobody likes being restricted by gun safe capacity.

Our Gun Walls Allow Easy Expansion

Our gun walls have been designed around the core philosophy that you should be able to modify and expand your gun storage with ease.

And also in a way that perfectly fits both your home, personal tastes, and gun collection size.

With both the present and the future in mind.

We've created easily installable and stackable slatwall rails as the support system for our gun walls.

These rails are tough, durable and crafted here in America, providing premium protection for your firearm display.

They come in 2 foot, 3 foot, or 4 foot rails that stack vertically and connect horizontally to provide you with custom expansion for your space.

We want you to be able to expand your collection, not limit it.

So much so that our gun walls also give you endless modification.

How Our Gun Walls Provide Endless Modularity

We provide a wide variety of durable hooks, racks, and shelves that are easily attached to the slatwalls rails.

You can adjust their position along the rails creating almost any angle for you to display your guns.

These hooks can also be tilted then secured to provide even further modification.

We seriously want you to find and create the best display for your loadout.

How to Get Started

Planning and Building your personal gun wall should be easy and painless. So we wanted to give you some options:

If you want further information on why our gun walls are the best option for you, check out one of these articles below.